Consciousness and Near-Death Experiences: Access to a Known World


Near-death or death-like experiences are a natural, albeit uncommon, phenomenon due to the temporary and reversible decoupling or dissociation of the Psychosoma from its material counterpart, the physical body. Indeed, these “psychophysical events” are fundamental in clinical conditions that lead to unconsciousness in individuals declared clinically dead or who have come very close to physical death. In addition, Consciousness is fundamental in the occurrence of these experiences. In fact, Consciousness, a higher order field, is the entity that vibrationally dissociates from the physical body and is also the protagonist of the entire chain of events of near-death experiences, as well as out-of-body experiences. Undoubtedly, matter is a creation of the Universal Intelligent Principle and the primary cause of all things. Thus, Consciousness is the basis of all existence, of primordial reality. Vehicle of manifestation of Consciousness, the Psychosoma is a morphogenetic, vaporous, translucent, luminous body which is also made up of all organs, including the immaterial brain [mind] and the other electromagnetic systems of the human body. The Psychosoma is, therefore, the connection bridge between Consciousness, a complex subtle field, non-electromagnetic, responsible for all phenomena of near-death experiences in connection with the dense field of gross matter, the physical body. For example, the Consciousness is the one who sees, feels pain and welcomes its family members on the verge of death during the near-death experience in any vibrational dimension, even being perceived by the Psychosoma. Here it is important to remember that dimension is not a place. It’s a vibration. It’s a frequency. The main objective of this article is to approach innovative and comprehensive concepts about the role of Consciousness in near-death experiences as well as to try to overcome limiting paradigms that prevents the progress of science. In addition, concepts based on quantum holography and information theory were raised here. Following this reasoning, I start with the formulation of a hypothesis about the role of Consciousness in near-death and out-of-body experiences. Thus, we propose a new and unique approach to Consciousness in order to investigate the role of Mind and its relationship with life and death. In this way, we intend to introduce new concepts for discussion and not give the last word to the currently unanswered questions of Consciousness regarding its interaction with the environment; with death and life and finally with respect to its origin. Finally, a selective bibliographic research was carried out in English language databases with the purpose of making the study design compatible, which presents specific concepts of a subject that had been little studied until then.

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Camelo, L. (2022) Consciousness and Near-Death Experiences: Access to a Known World. Open Journal of Medical Psychology, 11, 205-234. doi: 10.4236/ojmp.2022.113016.

1. Introduction

The near-death experience [NDE] is an altered state of Consciousness due to the decoupling of the Psychosoma from its material counterpart, the physical body, leading to a slight temporary vibrational dissociation from this set. In fact, these events associated with clinical conditions with multiple organ failure and imminent risk of death inexorably lead to the unconsciousness of the experimenter of this experience. Undoubtedly, the evolutionary progress of the Intelligent Principle is a relevant attribute that confers informational reliability to NDEs. However, a common cause is needed that involves all the nuances of these experiences. Actually, the common cause of a near-death experience is an “organic predisposition” from birth, that is, certain dissociation from the longitudinal axis of the Psychosoma from your physical body. In other words, using a metaphor is as if there is a “geological fault” leading to a left shift of the longitudinal axis of the energy body or Psychosoma in certain individuals who are already born that way.

The Psychosoma has some properties inherent to its fluidic-energetic nature. Within the scope of this article, it is important to highlight only the most relevant to our understanding, such as plasticity, penetrability and luminosity. Regarding plasticity, given the mental strength of Consciousness, its convenience and fluidity of the medium, the Psychosoma undergoes a type of “cellular metaplasia” facilitating its vibrational reduction to microscopic levels or its maximum expansion. Indeed, cellular metaplasia is due to a change in cellular structure due to the action of thought. Undoubtedly, it is a process of ideoplasty. Therefore, it is the same process by which this plastic body reduces its electromagnetic vibrations to insert itself inside the egg fertilized by the sperm at the moment of fertilization. It is also the same mechanism when near-death experiences occur in children who consider themselves adults during the experiences. Finally, people who have had these experiences have described being free from the constraints of the material world. Yes, in fact, the pain, illnesses and deformities are in the physical body that works as a blotter where all the impurities of the Psychosoma or moral “illnesses” of the human being are retained.

2. Role of Consciousness in Near-Death Experiences [NDE]

The great project of “Life” is the evolution of the Intelligent Principle of the Universe which is Consciousness [with a capital “c”]. It is the ubiquitous essence of the human being [1] [2] [3] [4]. It is an intelligent light focus [3] [4]. Consciousness is not produced by matter [3] [4] [5] [6]. In this context, Consciousness is all that exists [1] [7] [8]. In a way, we are made of Love and Light [4] [9]. Everything is love! There is love everywhere. In fact, Consciousness originates from the Universal Intelligent Principle and primary cause of all things and all beings [1] [3] [10] [11]. The Intelligent Principle, in order to condense itself into a biological structure, models its own physical body through its non-material brain [3] [10]. This is your mind [3] [10]. Therefore, it is a perennial field, matrix or ubiquitous copy of the biological brain [3]. Ultimately it is a perennial holographic information storage field [4] [10] [12]. Indeed, it is worth remembering that the Mind is not an “entity” that separates itself from the physical body [3] [6]. No doubt, Consciousness is an entity that vibrationally it dissociates from the physical body, but does not separate from it [3].

The mind, therefore, is the non-material brain of Consciousness where all the informational content of the human being is stored [3] [4]. It is the psychophysical basis of all mind/body phenomena [3] [4]. On the other hand, Consciousness, field of higher order [3] [10], is the entity that dissociates itself vibrationally from the physical body and is also the protagonist of the entire chain of events of near-death experiences, as well as the protagonist of events of external experience of the body. Undoubtedly, it permeates the being and knows the most striking events of the individual’s experience, that is, everything that is part of the cognitive activity that involves him [13]. Therefore, Consciousness is a non-local electromagnetic field [1] [4] [7], that is, it is not limited to space-time and is always present and conscious [3]. It is tireless and indestructible [3] [14] (see Table 1).

It is important to note, however, that no one has the same chronological age in space/time. Therefore, each human being is unique with his intellect/affective content [3]. Indeed, ultimately each individual has a unique vibratory pattern. It is your immutable individuality [3]. However, only personality is changeable. We could say that it is a quantum holographic “reality” [1] [2] [7] that identifies subject in time and space. In the near-death experience, Consciousness expands. In other words, it decouples itself from the physical body, temporarily taking with it its psychic body, “morphogenetic field”, vibrationally dissociating itself from its physical body, its last connection with the dense field of gross matter. Therefore, Consciousness is connected through non-local interconnection to other vibrating bodies, vehicles of manifestation of Consciousness in time and

Table 1. Most relevant features of consciousness.

space [1] [2] [3] [9] [10] [14]. In fact, Consciousness is not imprisoned in the physical body [14]; although she is free, it is only definitively dissociated from him during death. Vibrational interconnection gives you that freedom [14]. Therefore, Consciousness and its morphogenetic field are the exclusive components and responsible for the phenomena of near-death experiences. In fact, this “double” is the exclusive protagonist of near-death phenomena.

The morphogenetic field, also called Psychosoma, is an “endogenous self-replicating” and coherent field, a vehicle for the manifestation of Consciousness that allows it to interact with the biological brain and the environment [3] [10]. It is in the energetic intimacy of the Psychosoma, unquestionable “morphogenetic field” [3] [10] that cells are aggregated to finally model their future physical body [3]. It is important to highlight, however, that there is a lot of talk about the existence of a communication/information gap between the Consciousness and the brain/body. That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in the next session.

3. Psychosoma: The Hypothesis

This is the “psychic body” or morphogenetic, matrix of the physical body [3] [10]. It is an energetic, vaporous, translucent, luminous body, and yet it is made up of all organs, including the immaterial mind and the other electromagnetic systems of the human body [15] [16] [17]. It is also appropriate to call it a self-replicating spiritual body [17]. Electromagnetic field, the Psychosoma, vehicle for the manifestation of Consciousness, is the protagonist of near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences or definitive death. Indeed, these fields can play a mediating role between Consciousness and the physical body [18]. Here, one of its main functions is to reduce the high vibrations originating from Consciousness [3]. In fact, without this vibratory reduction it would be impossible to interact with the dense body. There would inevitably be its disintegration. Undoubtedly, the Psychosoma is a replica of the physical body [3] [10] [19], a highly coherent holographic field of biophotons, and the basis of communication at all levels of physical organization [10] [18].

It should be noted that the Psychosoma is an intelligent, coherent, self-conscious agent, where the immaterial mind is located, the brain of Consciousness [3] that uses the biological body as a sensory receptor [15] [16] [17]. With reciprocal action, not only the body receives the vibrations of the Consciousness, but fundamentally the brain also receives all the informational content, which, in turn, decodes and returns the information for the Consciousness to make the appropriate decisions [3]. Undoubtedly, the self-awareness of a decision arises when the electrical activity associated with the decision appears in the cerebral cortex [9] [17]. Here, who makes the best decision is the Psychosoma through his mind. Therefore, he is an intentional agent that interacts with Consciousness, the primary cause of Life [3] [12] [13] [20] [21]. It is a well-structured light of golden color or vaporous gray tone that comes from Consciousness [15] [22] [23] [24]. It is an intelligent body because it is vibratingly connected to the Consciousness that has intelligence as its main attribute [3].

The Psychosoma, has the shape of a human being and is connected to a luminous cord [15] [19], almost immortal, connected to the physical body through which the vital flow flows, the flow of life emanating from Consciousness [3] [10]. Therefore, the Consciousness does not definitively separate from the body during near-death experiences, it just expands and decouples [24], but remains connected to the Psychosoma through this cord, which has an electromagnetic nature. In other words, when the Consciousness expands and separates itself from the body, it takes with it the “psychic body” and its “mind”, leaving, therefore, only the cord connected to the physical body. Here, the “mind” is never separated from Consciousness. It’s impossible. If this were possible, Consciousness would lose its database of perennial nature. On the other hand, this luminous cord is what identifies the dead individual from the undead individual. Actually, the rupture of the electromagnetic cord only occurs with the definitive death of the patient. In this context, Consciousness being a “non-local” agent has absolute freedom in time and space [7] [24]. In this way, where thought is, there is Consciousness [3] (see Table 2)

Consciousness or Intelligent Principle interacts with the “perceived body” or “body image” together with the “brain consciousness” to form a Complex Conscious Field [25]. In fact, this is only possible due to the interaction of the Psychosoma through a “holographic consciousness”, forming an image of itself [25].

Table 2. Most relevant features of the Psychosoma.

It is also important to emphasize that the Consciousness interacts, without interruption, with its noblest vehicle of manifestation that it is Mind [3] [15], non-material field [3] [10] [26] which, in turn, interacts with its “biological model” which is the material brain [3] [10] [17]. Undoubtedly, mind and matter originate from the same underlying substance, described as a ubiquitous field [3] [10] [18] [26]. Here, “non-material” mental substance is similar to material or biological substance in that it is made up of the same primitive or fundamental elementary matter, known to science by the name ZPF [3] [8] [10] [26] [27]. Actually, whoever interacts with matter or any material body is the Psychosoma for having the same energetic similarity [3]. In this way, the biological brain is just a “frequency” reducer, a biological processing device that captures vibrations with informational content that comes from the Mind, a “perennial file” where all the informational content of Consciousness is stored [3] [4] [19] [26]. Therefore, the immaterial mind operates as a non-local quantum hologram where it concentrates infinite information that can be accessed instantly, regardless of the distance [2] [4] [12] [24]. In fact, the immaterial mind is the seat of management of Consciousness [3] [9] [15] [17] [19]. No doubt, all the cognitive faculties known to science as thoughts, visual and auditory perceptions, memories and feelings are stored in this field of Consciousness that is vibrationally connected to the biological brain and the physical body [3] [4] [10] [15] [17] [20] [26]. Here, therefore, all informational data are inviolable because they are stored in another vibratory field, as part of a universal energy plenum, far from the disturbing material field [26].

In near-death experiences, as well as in out-of-body experiences, who manifests with all the phenomena of these experiences is the Psychosoma. This is made up of the fundamental matter of the universe, known to science by the quantum zero-point energy field or ZPF, which in turn is similar to the matter of all the constituent elements of the Universe [3] [8] [26] [27]. Therefore, there is a vibrational correspondence between such elements, facilitating the interaction with each other [26]. In this context, there is an interaction with all the individual’s cognitive processes, facilitating the phenomena of near-death experiences. Undoubtedly, it is because of this fact that the experiencer of these experiences has a “panoramic view” of any place or position and on anything around him [15] [19] [24]. Here, no subject communicates through the sensory organs, due to the fact that they no longer have them and also because the individual is in a more subtle vibratory field [24], far from the coma body. For this reason, thought is crystalline and individuals communicate through it, by telepathy without any material influence [15] [24]. In fact, there are no words articulated through organs of “phonation”, but non-material events. Here, of course, the distance between the two fields is only an insignificant vibratory barrier. Therefore, the experimenter sees or perceives through the entire surface of their Psychosoma, both in the semi-material dimension where he is, and in the material dimension, such as in the operating room during cardiopulmonary resuscitation [24].

It is also important to note that the greater the luminosity of the Psychosoma, the greater the evolutionary progress of Consciousness, the holder of the inner light [9] [23] [24] [28] [29] and finally the moral progress of the human being himself. Here, the greater the evolutionary progress of Consciousness, the greater the distance from material influence and the consequent vibratory distance from the physical body. It is also worth mentioning that, when the Psychosoma expands, it presents a slightly oval shape, with intense luminosity [24] [28], but always with human characteristics [19]. Here, Consciousness can increase or reduce luminosity according to its convenience, as well as have low light or live in the darkness of your guilty conscience [28]. Undoubtedly, the worst darkness in human life! Here, it also depends on your evolutionary progress and/or your moral commitment, whose “moral” attribute develops throughout your evolutionary history. In fact, each human being is a “microcosm” similar to the “macrocosm” with various dimensions, many of which are inaccessible to other human beings. For this reason, it is difficult to understand people!

4. Mechanisms of Near-Death Experiences

It is important to note that the phenomena of near-death experiences are variable with the “chronological age” of the Intelligent Principle. Undoubtedly, no one knows what that age would be; however, it is relatively easy to assume from the moral characteristics of the human being, that is, good men have certainly already achieved great progress in their Intelligent Principle. Here, it is not for those who WANT to have near-death experiences, but for those who CAN have them, since the vast majority of individuals do not go through this phenomenon before death or close to it [9]. In fact, the greater the coherence, clarity, fidelity of facts and richness of informational content of NDEs, the greater the evolutionary progress of Consciousness [17]. Undoubtedly, the evolutionary progress of the Intelligent Principle is a relevant feature that confers informational reliability to NDEs. However, a common cause is needed that involves all the nuances of these experiences. In fact, the common cause of a near-death experience is an “organic predisposition” from birth, that is, a certain decoupling of the Psychosoma’s longitudinal axis in relation to its physical body. In other words, using a metaphor is as if there is a “geological fault” leading to a left shift of the energy body axis or Psychosoma in certain individuals who are already born that way. In this context, they are born prepared. Thus, only the action of a triggering factor is needed. In this way, facilitating the decoupling [17] or dissociation of the psychosoma from the physical body and the consequent vibratory dissociation of Consciousness, leading to the phenomenon of near-death and out-of-body experiences [29]. Here, the Psychosoma is dissociated from the physical body through the “top of the head” [2], from where it leaves and returns, remaining connected only to the fluidic cord, something similar to the umbilical cord [30]. Undoubtedly, the psychosoma is vibratingly connected to all cells. In fact, this decoupling is carried out from cell to cell. After all, the Psychosoma is the holder of the matrix of all cells [3] [10].

It should be noted that we consider near-death experiences only in those conditions that indicate a serious threat to the patient’s life [29]. Therefore, they are those that occur during unconsciousness [24] [29] [31] and that can lead to the patient’s imminent death if advanced life support measures are not taken. Every near-death experience with its delicate “mechanism” is the same as an out-of-body experience, but not every OBE is the same as an NDE. This includes all conditions that can lead to multiple organ failure, in addition to unconsciousness caused by general anesthesia or in cases of out-of-body experiences associated with unconsciousness. On the other hand, other conditions such as the use of psychedelic drugs, meditation, during sleep or dreaming and even during relaxation are not considered near-death experiences [7]. In fact, these near-death-like experiences are natural or induced events, such as out-of-body experiences without unconsciousness, although out-of-body experiences resulting from drug use that lead to coma and unconsciousness are considered NDEs. See why in the next topics.

It is important to remember that human beings have an animal nature and a higher order nature [4]. With respect to cardiopulmonary arrest, specifically related to animal nature, life is maintained by advanced life support measures, including all cardiopulmonary resuscitation measures. On the other hand, in relation to nature of a higher order, life is maintained through the electromagnetic cord, through which the flow of Life emitted by Consciousness flows (see Table 3).

As a component of a near-death experience, the out-of-body experience is a natural and commonplace phenomenon. It is not a metaphor to say that we die every day during sleep [24]. It is the release of Consciousness from your physical body towards your natural and known world. In fact, this nocturnal walk is variable with chronological age and the evolutionary state of the Intelligent Principle. In this context, few individuals remember the events that occurred during sleep or during dreams, due, on the one hand, to the material density of the biological brain that makes memories difficult, and on the other hand, due to the evolutionary progress of Consciousness. Undoubtedly, during sleep there is a loosening of the vibratory or energetic bonds of the physical body that allows the dissociation of the Psychosoma and its Consciousness, and the consequent separation from the body. Here, it is worth noting that, in functional terms, the

Table 3. Mechanisms of near-death experiences.

decoupling of the Psychosome takes place through the “top” of the head into its material counterpart [19] [29], the Pineal gland, known as the gland of spiritual life. In fact, this is the psychophysiological basis of all near-death and out-of-body experience phenomena. In this regard, it is also worth remembering that the more evolved the human being, the bigger the freedom during sleep and also during NDEs and, consequently, bigger reliability of the informational content. Therefore, it becomes crystal clear and reliable information.

It should be noted, however, that the “spectrum” or psychosomatic body “hovers” over the physical body [17], staying in any position or location that suits it [19] [29], freeing itself from material influence, while the individual takes possession of his conscience partial, although still confused, but he is already beginning to perceive everything around him. It is worth remembering here, that he has not died yet. In this context, he only sees what suits him. In fact, definitive death means rupture of the fluidic or electromagnetic cord. Undoubtedly, in the Universe there is no space for energy consumption without reason.

Actually, near-death or out-of-body experiences with all of the patient’s cognitive experiences occur on another vibratory level, far from the vibrations of dense matter [19] [29] [30] [32]. Therefore, it must be made clear that all near-death experience phenomena occur on a more subtle vibratory level, in another dimension [29] [32]. In this context, the non-material mind is responsible for the phenomena of these experiences generated by Consciousness that occur at an even more subtle vibratory level, the higher mental field [3] [32]. However, it is in its material counterpart, the “mind” known to science, or biological brain, that the vibratory impact of those vibrations occurs by a vibrational correspondence mechanism that reverberates in dense matter [3]. It is important to remember that any injuries that occur in the brain are due to changes resulting from tissue ischemia by the abrupt suppression of blood and oxygen supply to the delicate tissues of the brain. Therefore, these events are effects and not causes of near-death experiences. Just remembering that it is healthier to think of a single cause to explain all these events, since many causes do not explain anything. It all starts with unity…remember!

It is also important to remember that the NDE is a reality with transcendent information [7] [30] [31] [33]. It is a process of holographic resonance [7] [34]. In fact, the best way to access transcendental information is through the process of holographic resonance [34]. It is not a metaphor to say that the “blind” of birth see through the eyes of Consciousness [24]. Indeed, vision is perceived by the Psychosoma, its endogenous body [15] [17] [28] [31]. Actually, the patient sees, hears and perceives not through the material senses, but through the entire surface of the psychic body or Psychosoma. Undoubtedly, as in the nonlocal quantum hologram, the whole is contained in every part [34]. Information is crystal clear. In fact, Consciousness, a non-local field being instantly everywhere [2] [24], holder of its “perennial mind” where there is a ubiquitous file, is also the holder of all information acquired throughout its existence [3] [4] [19]. Therefore, no organic disease of the patient, even serious, is able to impede the flow of information and guarantee the maintenance of their data with absolute fidelity. Here, the bigger the evolutionary progress of Consciousness, the bigger the distance from material influence and the consequent vibratory distance from the physical body, as well as greater lucidity and fidelity to the facts.

It should be noted that the psychic “gifts” already existing in the experiencer of these experiences become more exuberant during the phenomena of near-death experiences. Also, reports of transformations [35] and healing of illnesses [33] occur due to the fact that the individual is face to face with the fundamental reality, leading to an exaltation of faith [35] and trust in the superior forces of life [24]. In this context, it is not about religious trends, since in higher dimensions religion is an insignificant topic for most near-death experiencers. They are face to face with the reality of life, so it doesn’t really matter what belief or religion they profess [19] [24] [31]. Nevertheless, given the profound changes that occur inside people who go through these experiences [35], they seek to link themselves to religious beliefs that give less importance to attachment to material things and come to believe more in the survival of the soul after death [19] [24] [33] [35]. Here, for most experimenters of these experiences, trust in God [24] [35] is so great that any conventional religious belief seems irrelevant.

Cultural influences are discussed a lot. Cultural influences may exist, but they are not relevant to near-death and out-of-body experiences. Actually, they are similar across cultures. Therefore, the supposed cultural influences that prevail here or there are, in fact, idiosyncrasies of Consciousness itself, that is, pathological states resulting from psychic traumas acquired along its endless journey in order to achieve its moral progress.

5. Physiology of Near-Death Experiences

Near-death or death-like experiences are a natural, albeit uncommon, phenomenon due to the temporary and reversible decoupling or dissociation of the Psychosoma from its material counterpart, the physical body. Undoubtedly, in our understanding, these “psychophysical events” are fundamental in clinical conditions that lead to unconsciousness in individuals declared clinically dead or who have came very close to physical death. It is also important to note that the experience that occurs during general anesthesia, during the out-of-body experience, as well as the experience that occur during the use of licit or illicit drugs that lead to “coma” and unconsciousness is also considered near-death experiences. On the other hand, experiences that occur during sleep or dream, while using psychedelic drugs, in meditative states or extremely strong psycho-emotional states, as well as in out-of-body experiences without unconsciousness, in our understanding, are not considered near-death experiences.

The Psychosoma has some properties inherent to its fluidic-energetic nature. Within the scope of this article, it is important to highlight only the most relevant to our understanding, such as plasticity, penetrability and luminosity. Regarding plasticity, given the powerful mental force of Consciousness, its convenience and fluidity of the medium, the Psychosoma undergoes a type of “cellular metaplasia” facilitating its reduction to microscopic levels or its maximum expansion. In fact, here, cellular metaplasia is due to a change in cellular structure due to the action of thought. No doubt, it is a process of ideoplasty. Therefore, it is the same process by which this plastic body reduces its electromagnetic vibrations to insert itself inside the egg fertilized by the sperm at the moment of fertilization [3]. It is also the same mechanism when near-death experiences occur in children who consider themselves adults during near-death experiences [19]. Here, it is also important to point out that the experiencers of these experiences can choose the form of child or adult that they most connected in past lives (see Table 4).

Finally, the pain, illnesses and deformities stay in the physical body that works as a “blotting brush” where all the impurities of the Psychosoma or moral “illnesses” of the human being are retained [30]. Here, the dead can also be seen younger [31], in a configuration that was most identified in life, even if they were killed by a serious accident. In addition, there are many reports of patients who have lived with pain throughout their lives who both got rid of them after NDEs and returned with them to complete their time in this dimension [31]. In fact, it is the Consciousness that feels pain, which, in turn, reverberates in the biological brain that is now inoperative, as in the non-local quantum hologram, whose communication signal reverberates from the receiver to the sender.

Classic experiences are always accompanied by loss of consciousness [24] [35] in the numerous conditions associated with cardiopulmonary arrest with multiple organ failure [31] [33]. Furthermore, in cases of general anesthesia, experiences are also associated with loss of consciousness [33] [36]. According to science, it is probably due to the suppression of Consciousness by the action of anesthetics, interrupting the exchange of information coming from higher levels to the neural networks [36]. It is, in fact, a plausible hypothesis only for neuronal events, already in matter, however, the appropriate mechanism is the dissociation or expulsion of the Psychosoma caused by general anesthesia. On the other hand, in conditions similar to near-death experiences, the experiences are not always associated with loss of consciousness, such as in out-of-body experiences

Table 4. Physiology of near-death experiences.

[32]. It is important to remember that Consciousness never dissociates your mind. This connection is indestructible [19].

There is a lot of talk about causes of life-threatening near-death experiences as they are labeled in popular parlance. In fact, there is never any risk of life. Existential life, being an imposition of Life itself, will never be destroyed. On the contrary, there is a risk of death. Therefore, near-death experiences are an event common to any causes that lead to this phenomenon.

It is important to note that deceased loved ones, as well as friends and strangers of the patient, come to meet their relatives on the verge of death [9] [30] [31] and never the opposite. In the vibratory descent, given the emotional control and mental strength of these loved ones, they present a “microscopic panoramic view” of our world [19] [29]. In this sense, they have easy access to everything that happens to their “loved ones” on the verge of death and often in advance. However, those need to be very well, without internal conflicts and happy with the meet of their close relative to death because otherwise the long-awaited meet fails. In fact, the intense emotional disorders of the deceased relative carry very dense energies that make it difficult to get close to the loved one on the verge of death.

In the final death, the anguish after death, the attachment to material goods together with fear, certainly play a relevant role in the memories of the events that occurred during death. These events also occur in near-death experiences. Indeed, this is the reason why many “loved ones” do not come to the meet of their “relatives” or because they find themselves prevented, given the dense vibrations they still carry or because they are not allowed to do so. Of course, permission from higher-order entities. With the proximity of death, there is a loosening of the vibratory bonds of the Psychosoma with the physical body, leaving the Consciousness freer, allowing contact with already deceased relatives who come to meet the loved one on the verge of death to welcome him/her [19] [29] [31], take it with you or tell you to return to your body that your turn for the final match has not yet come [19] [24] [31] [35].

It is noteworthy that there are no hallucinations in visual events of people who almost died during an NDE [35] [37]. In fact, there are real experiences [19] [29] [35]. No doubt, the deceased only appear because they want to, that is, they allow themselves to appear. This phenomenon means reducing your vibrations so that they match the vibrations of the near-deceased so that he can see them. Science still confused about its scientific principles believes that the visions of people who died during an NDE are produced by psychological or physiological conditions associated with the disease. Here, the disease itself loosens the vibratory bonds that retain the Psychosoma to the physical body and in this way the individual already enters into another dimension, facilitating its perception.

It is worth noting that the Psychosoma referred to here is known in Eastern literature, particularly in India, as the astral body [38]. Because this body is located in an additional dimension, of high vibrational frequency, its perception is comprehensive and faster in relation to the material dimension [19] [30] [38]. It is good to remember that the experimenter of these experiences does not see the scenes with biological eyes that are prevented by cardiopulmonary arrest from performing this function. Furthermore, the eyes are irrelevant, as the experiencer is in another dimensional field, far from material influence. In fact, the individual who goes through this experience captures vibrations through the entire surface of his electromagnetic body, the Psychosoma, that is, it is the Consciousness itself that sees it [28] [29]. Therefore, the visions are true [35] and crystal clear without any possibility of mistakes [19] [28] [29]. Who characterizes or qualifies a subjective experience with all its nuances is exclusively the Consciousness [28].

Light is an informational content commonly reported in numerous near-death experiences [8] [19] [30] [32] [37]. It is worth noting that the perceived strong light [23] [24] [30] is not a physiological experience, nor is it a mystical, religious or miraculous experience. In fact, there is no miracle in the Universe. Here, there are events governed by strict psychophysical laws. Undoubtedly, it is a true experience, as a being is seen that emits light [19] [30] [31] [33] [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] and the more evolved this being, the more intense the light emitted [23] [24] [33]. In fact, Consciousness, a term known in the scientific field, is the “Spirit” of the human being known in the religious field. Therefore, light is an attribute of Consciousness [19] [23] [24] [30] [31]. It’s a kind of mental light [28] [30] [31] [33]. Indeed, we are made of light [9] [24] [28] [30] [31]. In this context, the light seen or perceived in NDEs is the light emitted by a “spiritual being” [19] [23] [24] [28] [30] [33] who may be a friend, relative or unknown friend, but who knows the individual who is going through that experience.

It is important to point out that the tunnel of light [19] [24] [30] [33] [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] reported by some individuals in near-death experiences is “almost an illusion” [31] for them, due to the vibratory difference between the low-vibration Psychosoma, because he is still connected to the dense matter and the more subtle environment where the loved one is located. Nevertheless, the tunnel reported here is just a “dimensional portal” that gives access to other more subtle dimensions of the earth’s crust, however, maintaining the same vibrational impact. For example, consider accessing this dimension to a higher-order dimension. In other words, there is the tunnel of light [7] [19] [24] [28] [29] [38], however, for the individual who goes through the experience it is almost a dream [31]. Indeed, for those who have evolutionary conditions to see scenarios in higher dimensions, they really only see light [19] [23] [24] [28] [33] [38]. Undoubtedly, the darkness is due to the vibrational state of the soul. For example, by committing suicide, the individual reduces his vibrations to a deplorable state, capable of remaining in darkness for centuries. In fact, when the individual raises his vibrations to a satisfactory level, he will only see light in everything and everyone [24] [28] [29] [31]. In this context, sometimes, certain individuals are sucked and pass this vibratory barrier [37] freely, because they have vibratory conditions for this, due to their Psychosoma being more subtle, because these individuals have led a more harmonious relationship life without attachment to a profane, mediocre and degrading life. This is the reason why many individuals change after a near-death experience, since the bases for their changes already exist, increasing religiosity, faith [35] and liberation from the profane world. For example, it is like the “matchstick”, because it already exists in itself, the raw material for combustion.

It is also important to point out that in this tunnel, given the vibratory differences; no one sees God or Jesus. In fact, it sees an entity of a higher order or a deceased relative in good vibratory conditions [24] [30]. In this context, many individuals want to continue their walk through the tunnel, attracted by the light and well-being [31] and do not want to return, so they are invited to make the way back, even if they are upset [19] [24]. Here, it is important to point out that in many cases they are carried in the arms by an entity of a higher order or by a deceased relative with some degree of evolution, and carefully inserted into their dense body as a baby is placed in its cradle. Here, most of the time, the return is abrupt given the force of “centrifugal” attraction that drags him towards the dense body. In fact, it is not a metaphor to say that a deceased person carries someone in his arms [here there is still specific weight], since he is still in the “earth crust” and also because his Psychosoma is the matrix or model of all organs of the body, even if it is at a more subtle vibratory level.

6. Near-Death Experience and Out-of-Body Experience

The near-death experience is an altered state of Consciousness due to its decoupling from the physical body, together with its endogenous body, the Psychosoma, leading to a slight vibratory dissociation of this set. Undoubtedly, these psychophysical events associated with clinical conditions with multiple organ failure with imminent risk of death inexorably lead to the unconsciousness of the experiencer of this experience. Indeed, near-death experiences are not brain, neurological or biological dysfunctions, much less paranormal. Undoubtedly, they are paranormal phenomena until science discovers them. They are simply natural phenomena, since, in some cases, individuals affected by this transitory state return to biological life to tell their story. It is worth remembering that fear of death is not an important triggering factor. No doubt, no one knows when they will die, even during severe trauma. Nevertheless, fear can even exist during or after the near-death experience, especially in individuals who are excessively attached to material life. The vacillating and still immature science in its scientific postulates becomes dogmatic and prejudiced, hindering its progress so beneficial to humanity.

As a causal factor, both a psycho-emotional ecstasy and the use of licit or illicit drugs can cause the expulsion or decoupling of the Psychosoma from the physical body. Undoubtedly, this fact can lead to a phenomenology similar to the near-death experience or out-of-body experience [6] [29] [31] [32]. Here, it is common for drug users to present visual or auditory phenomena such as seeing or hearing the voices of diabolical beings. In fact, this does not mean a near-death experience [6]. His consciousness was dissociated from the physical body due to the drug and the experiencer perceived a dimensional field of lower vibrations. On the other hand, it is clear that he will never see or hear angelic beings in the condition he is in for obvious reasons.

In NDEs, the so-called hellish experiences can be experiences like any other, except that they occur in patients with a deplorable vibrational level, such as those who go through experiences related to guilt consciousness, such as those that occur during suicide. In this way, we can ensure that the patient is to blame and not the experience itself. It is not uncommon to occur in patients who lead mediocre, profane and degrading lives, drug users and the unconscious at imminent risk of death.

It should be noted that, of course, hallucinations caused by drugs or other unhealthy conditions are not causal factors of near-death experience [35]. Undoubtedly, hallucinations are intrinsic phenomena of Consciousness, but they can arise from organic factors with an impact on sensory organs. In fact, I am not referring to hallucinations as science understands. These are just hallucinations! Of course I am referring to the decoupling of Consciousness from vibrating bodies such as the Psychosoma and the physical body and the consequent temporary expulsion of the Intelligent Principle from the human being. On the other hand, unconsciousness is fundamental to install the near-death experience, at least until the decoupling of the vibratory bodies occurs, that is, the Psychosoma and the physical body. However, unconsciousness is not such a relevant factor for the out-of-body experience, as this phenomenon can occur naturally in the absence of unconsciousness or even during sleep. Here, there is only a slight vibratory dissociation of the Consciousness from its physical body, reducing the individual’s organic metabolism.

In the near-death experience, the individual in cardiopulmonary arrest does not see through his biological eyes, but his Consciousness has a panoramic view [23] [28], that is, she sees through the entire surface of his endogenous body, the Psychosoma. Here, it is a proof that NDEr not only sees or hears, but also feels the presence of the person [18]. In this way, the blind from birth see without needing their biological eyes [23] [27] [30], something similar to the non-local quantum hologram, in which each part contains all the information contained in the whole [33]. No doubt, there will never be a failure to store informational content. It is important to note that the NDE is not the same as the out-of-body experience. Actually, it is similar, however, the OBE can occur in a natural physiological state, as well as it can occur in very intense psychophysiological trauma such as the occurrence of a serious accident, loss of a loved one, leading to a momentary ecstasy, an insight extrasensory [31]. This fact leads to a loosening of the vibratory or energetic bonds that hold the Consciousness to the body, facilitating its decoupling, leaving it freer and thus integrating itself with the phenomena that are occurring. On the other hand, near-death experiences are not mystical experiences. Undoubtedly, in near-death experiences individuals enter “dimensions” of consciousness/mind reality that can be accessed by the experiencer of these experiences. Following this reasoning, it is not difficult to understand what happens in the meditative state. Here also there is a meditative ecstasy, facilitating the dissociation of Consciousness; however, here there is neither unconsciousness nor NDE [6] [39].

There is much discussion about the causes that lead to cardiopulmonary arrest and the consequent multiple organ failure that can ultimately lead to near-death and out-of-body experiences. Near-death experiences as well as out-of-body experience are natural phenomena that can occur during surgeries. No doubt, during surgeries, as during general anesthesia, the physiological state is the same—unconsciousness [35]. In fact, this phenomenon occurs because general anesthesia dissociates Consciousness from the body, that is, there is a relaxation of the vibratory bonds that attach it to your body. Therefore, it decouples along with its endogenous body, becoming connected to the physical body through an electromagnetic cord that keeps the physical body alive as long as the phenomenon persists.

It is important to note that in the out-of-body experience, unconsciousness does not necessarily occur. In fact, Consciousness remains vigilant and aware all the time [3]. Here, any informational content acquired in all its evolutionary history [4] will never be lost. In the perennial memory where any information is stored during its evolutionary journey, its content will never be affected because it is at another vibratory level where it is not influenced by dense matter as it occurs in your precarious biological brain [3]. Therefore, all informational content remains stored in their perennial memory [3] [18]. In fact, the information is clear. It is important to remember that during this process, the patient has not actually died.

It is worth remembering that the decoupling of the endogenous body from the physical body cannot be definitive because it implies the death of the patient. Here, the Psychosoma is attached to the physical body by an almost immortal “fluid cord” [29]. It is through this cord that the “vital flow” flows from the Consciousness that is Life itself, and thus keeps the individual alive. Therefore, the cause of death is unimportant. In fact, what really matters is the unconsciousness of the patient. Undoubtedly, the numerous data suggest that NDEs arise during the patient’s unconsciousness [2] [18] [28]. With apparent unconsciousness, given the dysfunctional state resulting from multiple organ failure, the biological brain is unable to retain the informational flow of the critically ill patient [27]. In fact, there is no unconsciousness as “science” understands because Consciousness is never unconscious [3].

7. Science’s View on Near-Death Experiences

Science still does not have proof of the true “nuances” that characterize the hidden side of near-death experiences, but it is easy to deduce from the nearly half a billion NDE reports detailed by unsuspecting people of all walks of life, of all ages, cultures and continents of this planet [11] [13] [14]. From now on, you can take the first step in the search for explanations of this hidden side that is, discovering first, the Intelligent Principle of the Universe that is Consciousness [12] and after its main vehicle of manifestation in matter, the psychosomatic body or Psychosoma [3] [9].

According to the above, Consciousness is the “immortal entity” [4] that characterizes the human being or Intelligent Principle of the Universe [1] [3] [9] [12]. In fact, it is the most powerful force in the universe capable of transforming the world [3]. Indeed, the Consciousness with the force of its thought and will to want interacts with the ubiquitous field, Infinite Ocean of energies, manipulating and transforming them with the objective of developing its creative power [12]. It is through this powerful force that Consciousness interacts and acts on all animate and inanimate beings. Its original world is plastic and highly modifiable by the force of thought. Hence the facilities to develop their potentialities and to give qualities to their cognitive experiences that occur during near-death experiences.

There is much talk that the deceased went to the other world. However, he is still unable to make this trip. In fact, it remains in the planetary crust. The electromagnetic field of Planet Earth, in its entirety, has infinite vibratory densities that serve as “abodes” for Consciousness in evolution. Here, I’m not talking about higher-order dimensions. I’m talking about ours. This is constituted of several vibratory densities for more or less that constitutes the crust. I’m not even going to talk about the dimensions that are found in the depths of the Planet that serve as abodes for primitive, very dense, rebellious and crude Consciousnesses. Actually, the deceased, despite dogmatic religions, continue to walk on the streets of large cities, on the subway, on buses, inside cars and homes, often making their residents hell.

Science still does not have evidence of the vibratory differences between the dimensions that make up the subtle world of the planet. For example, leaving the fourth (three dimensions + the time dimension), our dimension, and going to the fifth. Here is not a place. It’s a frequency. It is a vibrational state. As a matter of vibrational state, it is almost impossible to leave lower dimensions and reach higher dimensions. On the contrary, it is relatively easy to leave higher dimensions and reach lower dimensions [37], as long as the individual has enough evolution of his “Intelligent Principle” to reduce his vibrations in order to adapt to another vibrational state. Here, evolved or evolving individuals can even have a microscopic view of the material world, the world we live in [28] [37]. The human being also has several dimensions that are difficult to access. For example, the “emotional” dimension, the most difficult to be controlled and developed by individuals, is where all the degrading content of the human being is inserted, such as vices, passions, arrogance and sexual perversion. For this reason it is difficult to deal with people, because they are unknown not only by themselves, but mainly by other people. For example, who knows a serial killer?

In near-death and out-of-body experiences, the deceased as described above remain on the earth’s crust. In this context, soon after the expansion of Consciousness with the decoupling of the Psychosoma due to the temporary unconsciousness state, the individual initially becomes somewhat confused, but in a short time he regains his almost full consciousness. However, just as the child when born needs to learn habits and customs to adapt to the new environment, those who experience NDEs or definitive death also need to take an intensive course to adapt to the new dimension. In fact, at first it is pure confusion! In this way, the almost deceased, in possession of his free will, can stand beside the surgeon and watch the surgical procedures; stay on top of a closet; stay on the ceiling or take a “peek” and see what is happening outside or even go to his house and try to talk to his family members and then return in a split second [28].

8. Reports of Near-Death Experiences

In near-death and out-of-body experiences, the experimenters of these experiences are unanimous in reporting their OBEs in the same way, that is, they dissociate from the body and float in the environment until they stop on the ceiling [14] [28] [29]. It seems like a coincidence that all experimenters report the same reference. Undoubtedly, there is no coincidence in the Universe. In this way, soon after the decoupling of his “psychic body” from the physical body, the experimenter is confused by the vibratory difference, because he is now in a more subtle dimension. Here, he needs some time to learn to deal with the new environment and all the vibratory differences that are imposed on him, just as a child when born needs to learn to do his physiological needs in the appropriate place.

Consciousness with its powerful mind always is aware and in possession of its faculties that allow it to live independently of its physical body [2] [4] [8] [14] [30] [34] - [41]. In this way, seeing, hearing and feeling, despite being a metaphor to affirm these facts coming from an unconscious being, the experiencer of these experiences no longer uses the sensory organs for perception because they remained in the material dimension. In fact, in a more subtle dimension, perception expands considerably [14] [23] [28] [42], as it is perceived through the entire surface of your “psychic body” and validated by your Consciousness [37]. In this way, it uses all its perceptions to interact with the environment in which it finds itself. Undoubtedly, in the material dimension or in another dimension, the human being is always the same, accompanied by his moral qualities, as well as his moral infirmities acquired by the misuse of energies that should be used in noble acts along his evolutionary journey.

It is important to emphasize that it is very common to report several characteristics that make up NDEs, including the panoramic review of past lives [2] [8] [30] [42], meeting with deceased relatives [2] [8] [23] [28] [30] [37], disappearance fear of death [2] [30] [41] and out-of-body experiences [2] [30] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [42] which constitute 60% - 80% [2] of the reported cases [31]. For example, with regard to the “panoramic review” of lives it is an imposition of Life itself. It is a type of test that shows the individual what he has accomplished or failed to accomplish in his existence, reliving all the cognitive experiences he has had throughout his existence and his interaction with all beings and all things. Here, the individual certainly loses the fear of death [30] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38], because in the face of everything he has experienced, he was impressed with his experience and that, therefore, only love makes sense on the other side of life [2] [23] [28] [30], deducing in fact that life is unique. Here, death is another way of life [2]. Let us see the following account quoted in [2]: My whole life up to the present seemed to be placed before me in a sort of panoramic, three-dimensional review, and each event seemed to be accompanied by an awareness of good or evil or a perception of cause and effect. Not only did I perceive everything from my point of view, but I also knew the thoughts of everyone involved in the event, as if I had their thoughts inside me. This means that I realized not only what I had done or thought, but even how it influenced others, as if I saw things with all-seeing eyes.

Consciousness being a non-local agent, without limits of space/time is instantly anywhere [2] [4] [11] [23], that is, where the thought is, there is the Consciousness also [28]. The panoramic life review [2] [8] [42] is extremely fast as if time doesn’t exist. See this account quoted in [11]: It was like watching my life from start to finish on a fast-forward editing machine. The review of my life took me from my conception, which felt like the blackness I experienced after my out-of-body experience, through my childhood, adolescence, and my near-death experience all over again. I saw my life. I relived my life. I felt everything I ever felt before. When I say everything, I mean every cut, pain, emotion, and meaning associated with that particular moment in my life. Not only did I relive [this incident] in my life review, but I relived every exact thought and attitude down to the air temperature and things I couldnt have measured when I was eight years old. For example, I didnt know how many mosquitoes there were in the area. In the life review, I could have counted the mosquitoes. Everything was more accurate than one could perceive in the reality of the original event.

Regarding the disappearance of fear of death and life after death [41] [42], see this account quoted in [2]: It is beyond my domain to discuss something that can only be proven by death. For me, however, the experience was decisive to convince me that Consciousness lives beyond the grave. Death was not death, but another form of life. This experience was a blessing for me, as I now know for sure that body and mind are separate and that there is life after death.

The life review experience is a unique experience that shows the individual what he did or did not do what he did right or wrong in his existence [42]. See how this happened quoted in [11]: I rethought every thought, relived every feeling, as it happened in an instant. And I also felt how my actions, or even just my thoughts, affected others. When I judged another person, I felt myself doing itMultitudes of actions or thoughts derived from my own meanness, unkindness, or anger caused me to feel the consequent pains of other people. I experienced it, even though at the time I had hurt someone, I had chosen to ignore how it would affect them. And I felt their pain the entire time they were affected by what I had done.

The psychic body of the near-death experiencer, the Psychosoma, where his immaterial mind is located, interacts with all energies and bodies of this dimension and others [37] - [42], since then allowed by vibrational compatibility. Remember that all things and all beings are made up of the same primordial matter. There are, therefore, subtle interactions between the experiencer’s body and physical reality [28] [40] [42]. In fact, it is Consciousness and not the mind, through the Psychosoma, that specifically interacts with the neuronal structures of another person’s brain. For example, the experiencer does not enter a person’s body, but the interaction with him is done through thought and perfect vibrational adjustment with each other. In this way, the interaction is done through all the cognitive faculties of a human being such as perception, thought, volition, without evidently using the material sense organs, since the experiencer of these experiences no longer needs them. Nevertheless, here he uses the sense organs of the person with whom he is attuned. All this under the command of your Consciousness and under the consent of the attuned person because only consciousness is the only entity that is intelligent, coherent, conscious and powerful [42]. It is also important to point out that during the near-death experience, the experimenter is only unconscious because his biological brain no longer responds to his desires, but Consciousness is always conscious [3] [9], with his immaterial brain [mind] operating [3], archiving all informational content, without data loss, even being in another dimension, since always [42].

The Psychosoma is a plastic body and highly sensitive to the action of thought. This, without a doubt, is the great driving force of the Universe. In fact, a force that transcends material objects and transmaterial entities [42]. As the Psychosoma is made up of matter similar to everything that exists in nature, through thought it interferes with the matter of animate and inanimate objects and bodies, making it easy for them to interact with each other [28] [42]. Through one of its properties, penetrability, it penetrates bodies as if it was “gelatin” and, by its own luminosity, sees, it goes up, down, analyzes and, in this way, interacts with any physical body [28], even if it has the consistency of a lead wall [42]. See this account quoted in [18]: I felt myself climbing through the ceiling and it was like I was going through the structure of the building. I could feel the different densities passing through the insulation [of the wall]. I saw the wiring, some pipes and then I was in this other room. It looked like a hospital, butit was very quietas if no one was there. There were [people in bed] who looked like mannequins and had devices attached to them, but they didnt look real. In the center was an open area that looked like a collection of computer workstations. Here, the NDEr was in a nurse training room in a hospital wing on the top floor of the building.

Every NDE resulting from a certain causal factor leads to the OBE with dissociation of the Psychosoma from the physical body [30] [31] [37] - [42] in which Consciousness remains connected through a fluidic cord that keeps you alive for a certain time. In this context, the experiencer of this experience who remains conscious and lucid can exit and enter their physical body at their convenience [35] [37]. Here, more evolved experimenters usually decide to return definitively to their body [34] [36] or are advised by higher order entities to do so because their journey on earth has not yet ended [2] [18] [23] [30] [42]. Nobody dies prematurely! See the following account quoted in [18]: My body felt like the shell of a comfortable old friend, and I felt a warm compassion and gratitude for its use. I heard [my friends] call me and beg me to breathe. I thought that would be satisfying; I left my body and resumed my journey home. Each time… I felt compelled to return to my body and breathe again before returning to my journey. This became tiresome and I was quite annoyed by his repeated calls. Before we could enter [the hall, my spirit companions]… turned to me and explained that it was not my time to enter the hall. I had not completed my journey on earth, I had more work to do and I should return to my bodyand they returned me to the riverbank. I sat in my physical body and gave these heavenly beings, these people who had come to guide, protect and cheer me on, one last anxious look before I lay down and rejoined my body. I became aware of my body and opened my eyes to see the faces of [my friends] looking at me. This is the story of an orthopedic doctor who had an NDE when she was sucked out of her kayak and drowned in a river during a walk. The sentence “it was not my time” to enter the hall means that she did not have the vibrational conditions to do so and also had not finished her journey on earth, although always conscious.

Meeting with deceased relatives is one of the most frequent reports. This is a report of an NDE emphasizing the OBE component of a 48-year-old patient [37] [42]. Here is a meeting of deceased people, their stepmother and their biological mother 36, that the experimenter did not know his biological mother, quoted in [40]: Cardiologist Maurice Rawlings described the case of a 48-year-old man who had cardiac arrest. In an NDE, he noticed a gorge filled with beautiful colors, lush vegetation and light, where he met his stepmother and birth mother who died when he was just 15 months old. His father remarried after the death of his biological mother, and the experimenter of this experience had never seen a photograph of her. A few weeks after this episode, his aunt, having heard about this vision, visited him and brought back a photograph of his mother posing with several other people.

OBEs occur during NDEs, under conditions that lead to unconsciousness, whether natural or induced [2] [28]. Here is an example of a naturally induced out-of-body experience cited in [37]. A participant in an experimentally induced near-death experience was asked what visual differences are perceived when she undergoes anout-of-bodyexperience and whether it makes any difference whether her eyes are open or closed. She replied that even if she was lying in the dark and her eyes were closed, the room would become visible when she left her body. There is a kind of diffusely present light that does not cast shadows. The walls at the same time become transparent and she can see or move beyond them.

The 360˚ panoramic view leads the experimenter to perceive a visual field larger than normal [23] [28] [42]. Betty Eadie described her 360˚ panoramic view during her near-death experience quoted as follows [37]. It was almost as if I felt a snap or release inside me, and my spirit was suddenly pulled out of my chest and pulled up, as if by a giant magnetI was above the bed, hovering near the ceilingI turned around and saw a body lying on the bed. I was curious about whom it was, and I immediately started down towards himAnd then I recognized that he was mine. That was my body in bed. I wasnt surprised and I wasnt scared; I just felt a kind of sympathy for itI realized that I had never seen myself three-dimensionally before; I had only seen myself in the mirror which is just a flat surface. But the eyes of the spirit see in more dimensions than the eyes of the mortal body. I saw my body from all directions at oncefront, back, and side. I saw aspects in my features that I had never known before, adding a wholeness, a completeness to my vision.

Here is another description of a near-death experience that emphasizes OBE [23], quoted in [37]: When I woke up, it was above my body. I was aware of all the people who were called into the room for help and what they were thinking. I could also see my mother on the other side of the waiting room wall. She was sitting with her hands in her lap and crying because she was being told what had happened to me. At the same time, I could also see other people in other rooms nearby, all separated from the X-ray area by lead-lined walls. Someone in another room was receiving some kind of physical therapy. But my attention was drawn to my mother. I could still tell the walls were there, but I could see the other people in the other rooms.

Here, the experimenter has a global or panoramic view of everything that exists in the environment [23] [28] [42]. In this report, in addition to the experimenter being so detached from matter to the point of not giving importance to his body, he also had a microscopic view of everything. See this account quoted in [37]: I was hovering over the stretcher in one of the hospitals emergency rooms. I looked at the gurney, I knew the blanket-wrapped body was mine, and I didnt really care. The room was much more important than my body. And what a cool prospect! I could see everything. And I mean everything! I could see the top of the light on the ceiling and on the underside of the gurney. I could see the tiles on the floor simultaneously: 360˚ spherical view. And not just spherical. Detailed! I could see every hair and follicle from which it grew on the head of the nurse beside the gurney. At the time, I knew exactly how much hair there was to look at (see Table 5).

Deathbed visions are often confused with near-death experiences. In fact, these views are similar, but they are not NDEs [2]. Undoubtedly, this is an approach that presents “nuances” not only unknown to science, but also to the general public. It is a mediumistic phenomenon, that is, the experience of this

Table 5. Reports of near-death experiences.

experience is a “clairvoyant medium” [37], a healthy individual who sees through the eyes of Consciousness. Let’s see this account quoted in [18]: A woman was dying of cancer in the hospital, but refused to have her son visit. He had been estranged from the family for 25 years for having ruined the familys financial life. The son wanted to visit his mother on her deathbed and she said: No. I do not want to see you. The son was sitting in a bar near the hospital, feeling deep sadness, deep regret, deep remorse, wanting to connect with his mother before she passed into another life. He was crying. He looks up and sees his mother walking into the bar, and is so shocked and elated. He is excited and cannot understand why she is so sick. What is she doing there? His mother wakes up and says to her daughter: I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I was in a bar and I saw my son sitting at a table crying, and he got up to start coming to me. And I got scared and woke up. Here, his mother had an OBE, facilitated by a serious illness that consumes a lot of energy, releasing the energetic bonds that learn it from the body and the consequent decoupling of the Psychosoma from the physical body. This is the same mechanism that occurs in some cases, in which the dying person on the verge of death, given the loosening of fluidic-energetic bonds, enters another dimension and begins to say that he is seeing deceased relatives who came to see him or look for him [36] - [42]. And his son using clairvoyant mediumship [psychic medium], saw his mother entering the bar.

It is important to remember that there is no physical barrier that prevents the Consciousness from acting on beings and physical objects [28] [42]. Indeed, see the following account quoted in [18]: I remember feeling a little confused and decided to go upstairs to talk to my parents, but when I got to the door I realized I couldnt reach the handle. It scared me and the desperation to try to get their help grew, so I started to force myself through the door. It feels like I was pressing down on a cotton ball. Some resistance. Here, Consciousness uses its mental strength to interact with dense objects and penetrate them using the plasticity of the psychic body [Psychosoma] in order to overcome them. It just takes some time to learn to use the extraordinary power of thought. That dimension is totally plastic for the action of thought [42].

See another very enlightening report. Dr. Raymond Moody personally resurrected a woman. See this account quoted in [18]: I saw her go into cardiac arrest and immediately started massaging her heart. She told me later that while I was working to resuscitate her heart, she was rising above her body and looking down. She was behind me, trying to tell me to stop, that she was fine where she was. As I wasn’t listening, she tried to grab my arm to stop me from inserting a needle into her arm to inject fluid. Her hand passed quickly over my arm. But when she did, she later claimed that she felt something that had the consistency ofvery rarefied gelatinand that she felt an electric current running through her. I have heard similar descriptions from other patients. Here, there is no difficulty for the semi-material body of the almost deceased to pass through other material bodies such as the material body of the physician, since both have the same constitution, having the same origin in primordial elementary matter. The electrical current perceived by the patient is due to a “psychophysical” substance charged with electricity emitted by the physician known to science by the name biophoton [9].

Evidence of a deceased person’s vision during a near-death experience is one of the most reported features [42]. Jack Bybee was hospitalized with severe Pneumonia associated with periodic seizures at age 26 in Cape Town, South Africa. He was taken care of by a nurse named Anita who had taken the weekend off to celebrate her twenty-first birthday. Jack had his NDE that weekend. In fact, see the following account quoted in [18]. In my NDE, I met Nurse Anita on the other side. What are you doing here, Anita? I askedWell Jack, I came to fluff your pillows, of course, and see if youre okay. But Jack, you must go back, go backTell my parents Im sorry I destroyed the red MGB car. Tell them I love them. So Anita was gonecrossed a very green valley and a fence, where she told me: theres a garden on the other side. But you cant see it. For you must return, while I continue through the gate. When I recovered, I told a nurse what Anita had said. This girl started crying and ran away from the infirmary. I later learned that Anita and this nurse were great friends. Anita was surprised by her parents who loved her very much and presented her with a red MGB sports car. Here, it became clear that Jack could not go through the gate to see the garden, that is, overcome the vibratory barrier that prevented him from seeing it, given his high vibratory density because he was still connected to his material body. By the narrative, Anita was a much evolved being since in a short time of her death she was already well balanced emotionally and detached from material possessions.

The return of Consciousness from an out-of-body experience with the precise fit of the Psychosoma to the physical body after an NDE is not the same for all experiencers. In fact, in most cases, the fitting is done through a “centripetal force” attracting the psychic body to the physical body in the form of a jolt by imposing the force of attraction of the dense matter that constitutes the physical body. Here, consider Erica McKenzie’s NDE when her out-of-body mind/Consciousness joined her physical body. Experience quoted in [18]: It was my body, but I also knew that the realIwas not attached to that body. Honestly, I didnt think I could push myself back into what once felt so familiar, but now I identified as a foreigner. I knew that reinstatement would be overwhelming and painful. That body wasnt meIt was too confining and claustrophobic to even consider trying to get inside him. There must be another solution, but I cant think of one… In a split second, I was pushed back into my limp body like a hand in a glove; only the glove was too small. Every part of my spirit body squeezed into my physical counterpart. I could feel my spiritual big toe fitting into the location of my physical big toe along with each of my fingers, my hands, feet, arms and legs. Here, Erica’s [Psychosoma] spiritual body was pushed into the material body by the imposition of the centripetal force of the dense matter of the physical body that attracted it. On the other hand, due to the energetic expansion of her spirit body compared to the great material density of the physical body, she believed that her physical body was too small.

Most people who had their NDEs during childhood report that they were adults during their experiences [14]. Therefore, their experiences are described from an adult perspective [18]. That’s exactly it. It is a millennial Consciousness, many of them with great wisdom, but which cannot externalize so much wisdom in a child’s body. On the other hand, when we are born, we do so with the “gift of forgetting” a large part of our informational content, since it must not be revealed so as not to harm our current evolutionary progress. Given the plasticity of the Psychosoma and its mental strength, it takes on the body shape that suits it, whether child or adult. See the experience quoted in [18]: I remember being able to leave my body, fly across the room and be pulled back into my bodyMy dad was tickling my chin. It made me laugh so much that I would fly off the top of my head and out of my body. From the ceiling, I looked at my little body on the couchI could see my mother in the kitchen ironing something on the ironing board. I could see the whole house as I flew aroundWhile I was gone, I wanted to stay out, but something always pulled me back. It was like there were two parts of me. One aspect was me as a baby. And the other aspect was me as an adult Consciousness/mind. While I was out of my body, I was mebut as an old man, wiser, much more experienced. When I returned to my baby body, it was as if I had forgotten that other aspect of myself. According to this account, the experimenter says that he leaves and returns through the top of his head allegedly several times: his psychic body is connected to the physical body through the fluidic cord at the top of the head in its material counterpart, the pineal gland which makes the connection of subtle dimensions with the material body. The experiencer uses panoramic vision involving simultaneous 360˚ vision [28] [37] due to perception occurring across the entire surface of his Psychosoma. Here he does not use the material sense organs because he is in another dimension [37] in which the gross sense organs are dismissed as such.

People who have had an NDE have reported panoramic vision involving simultaneous 360˚ viewing on all sides of an object, through it and into it or seeing everywhere [37] - [42]. See the following description quoted in [28]: I was surprised to see from a 360˚ angle: I could see a lipstick in one of the nurse’s pockets. If I wanted to see inside the lamp that illuminated the room, I could see it, and all that instantly, as soon as I wanted… Suddenly I could see a green sign with white letters saying: “Manufacture de Saint Etienne [a city in France]”. The plate was under the edge of the operating table covered by the curtain I was lying on. I could see with multiple axes of vision, from many places at once. This is the reason why I saw this plate under the table, itself covered by a sheet. When I wanted to verify this, the surgeon and I realized that the plate was actually there and readManufacture d’armes de Saint Etienne”. This is a panoramic view seen by Consciousness, including a microscopic view seen through the entire surface of its vehicle of manifestation, the Psychosoma. In fact, it is perceived with the eyes of Consciousness, and not with the sensory organs of the five senses that remained in the gross matter, in the inoperative body. It is important to highlight that the Psychosoma that holds the matrix of all cells is vibratingly connected to the physical body through each cell. Therefore, each cell is radiated with light by Consciousness just as a city is illuminated at night and seen from above through an airship in a clear night. Undoubtedly, this illumination reaches each cell through the electromagnetic fluidic cord that feeds the patient’s energy body, separated from the physical body by an insignificant vibratory barrier. See the following account of an out-of-body experience quoted in [29]: Kay [pseudonym] was incorrectly given an epidural before a cesarean. This 24-year-old woman tried to tell the inattentive anesthetist that she thought something had gone wrong with the injection. However, the physician did not believe her, at which point Kay began to have an NDE. The dissociation of her incorrectly anesthetized body began with the energy oflight-consciousnessemerging from every cell and coalescing in her heart. Her dissociation continued as the cloudy substance of thelight-consciousnessthat was Kay left her physical body through the top of her head, and finally as she merged with her higher Self. At this point, Kay believed she was all she was, i.e.all me”. The light-consciousness referred to here is Kay’s Psychosoma with coalescing light flowing through the heart to the top of the head from which it came. The higher Self she refers to is her Consciousness. At this point, Kay believed it was her Whole Being.

In conclusion, we will end this article emphasizing that reports attributed to patients on the verge of death are not always reports of near-death experiences [37] [40] [41]. It is an account of a father facing the appearance of his son. Experience quoted in [18]: 25-year-old Eric Zimmerman died in an automobile accident and appeared to his father Fred 45 days later. That morning Fred had been awake for half an hour and was heading towards the bathroom. “I felt a tremendous squeeze and hug on both sides of my body that made me stop.” Eric appeared right in front of me, smiling, and the whole room was full of energy. It is as if molecules, atoms and air are moving at tremendous speed. It was strong, explosive, loving, highly energizedthe most exhilarating experience Ive ever had! I hugged Eric. I was embracing an energy force, not an actual physical body. I kissed him on the right cheek and felt his beard/mustache on my lips. He was moving so fast… like he was flying through the house. This is not an NDE account. It is a materialization phenomenon!

It is worth noting, here, that it is the force of thought that manipulates the energy/force known to science by the name biophoton, matter that makes the interface between the non-material dimensions, more subtle and the material dimension, our world [9]. It is in fact a psychophysical, semi-material energy that makes the interface between the two worlds [3] [9]. Eric took advantage of a large amount of energy produced by his father to materialize, since he has all the organs in his Psychosoma and, then, just fill the spaces with the energy provided, produced only by human beings during material life. In fact, it is a restorative energy found on the threshold between the two dimensions. It is the bridge connecting the two worlds: the physical and the non-physical. In relation to the speed of movement, in fact, everything is faster in subtler dimensions, especially the thought that does not find resistance [18], given the vibrational differences of these dimensions. The time there is not like ours. It’s much faster. There, practically time does not exist [28] [42].

9. Conclusions

In this article, several aspects of NDEs were addressed with profound changes in their scientific principles. In fact, the relevant role of Consciousness in these experiences was discussed and innovative concepts were introduced about the electromagnetic body that makes a connection with Consciousness and the physical body. Called the Psychosoma, a self-replicating morphogenetic field made up of all the electromagnetic organs of the physical body is one of the main vehicles for the manifestation of Consciousness. Furthermore, the mechanism was introduced by which the psychic body can be safely decoupled from the physical body, while the former remains connected to it through an electromagnetic cord that maintains organic life.

Consciousness is the main author in the scenario of human life, in the material field. To achieve its goals through its powerful “Mind”, its main vehicle of manifestation in the Universe, Consciousness had to model its own body throughout its endless evolution. The vibratory interaction of your morphogenetic body with the physical body takes place molecule-by-molecule from the moment of fertilization of the egg by the sperm until the generation of the future human being. Therefore, it is in the energetic intimacy of the Psychosoma that the cells are aggregated to finally model your future physical body. Without a doubt, if this hypothesis is testable, surely science will have made the greatest discovery of the century.

NDEs and OBEs only occur in individuals who are born with an organic predisposition to this phenomenon, facilitating the decoupling of the Psychosoma, which remains connected to the physical body through a fluid cord through which vital fluid is transfused while the experiences persist. In fact, this organic predisposition results in a certain loosening of the vibratory bonds that hold the Psychosoma to the physical body, facilitating its dissociation in order to enter another vibratory field giving rise to experiences.

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