Study on the Protection and Utilization of Dujiangyan South Bridge
Hongyu Pan
Southwest Minzu University, Chengdu, China.
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Dujiangyan South Bridge has been included in the ninth protection list of historical buildings in Chengdu. It has rich historical, cultural and artistic value and needs us to protect and inherit. In order to realize the sustainable protection and utilization of Dujiangyan South Bridge, the author had a certain understanding of the protection and utilization status of Nanqiao through field research and questionnaire interview, and summarized the problems and put forward solutions in this process. With its own unique architectural style and unique geographical location, Dujiangyan South Bridge has attracted countless tourists to appreciate its charm. While gaining people’s love and appreciation, its protection task is becoming more and more difficult. We should strengthen the research on the protection and utilization of Dujiangyan South Bridge, and use the South Bridge on the basis of protection.

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Pan, H.Y. (2021) Study on the Protection and Utilization of Dujiangyan South Bridge. Open Access Library Journal, 8, 1-6. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1107696.

1. Introduction

Dujiangyan South Bridge is located on the Neijiang River of Minjiang River under the Aquarius mouth of Dujiangyan. It is a magnificent corridor ancient bridge between South Street and Fuxing Street. Its original name, “Puji Bridge”, has been damaged many times. When the last renovation of the south bridge was completed, all kinds of painted buildings, carved beams, folk color sculptures, painting and calligraphy couplets are known as “Water Painting Building”, “the First Bridge in Jiangyuan” and “Shengtai”, which is a beautiful scenery line on the Minjiang River. [1] Dujiangyan South Bridge has a unique architectural style and a strong historical heritage, attracting the broad masses to want to know more about it. With the development of Dujiangyan tourism, tourists continue to follow. Driven by economic interests, it brings some damage to Nanqiao itself, including problems such as weak awareness of protection, single source of maintenance funds and lack of authenticity. We should take measures to cultivate the people’s own awareness of protection, actively broaden the maintenance funds, and maintain the unique historical charm of Nanqiao, to better protect and make use of it.

2. The Value of Dujiangyan South Bridge

2.1. Historical Value

Dujiangyan South Bridge is a corridor style ancient bridge, which witnessed the historical changes and reflects the bridge making technology and technical level of the craftsmen at that time. Nanqiao not only has a strong historical and cultural heritage, but also inherits the excellent spirit of its predecessors and has a far reaching impact on its future generations. [2] The primary function of the corridor bridge is for people to pass through. It is also closely connected to the local folk customs. Many corridor Bridges have shrines, which is a place for villagers to worship their ancestors and gods, and the corridor bridge is also a place for villagers to relax and entertain, as well as a gathering place for villagers to gather and communicate. In ancient times, because the covered bridge was a place for trade and goods trading, its site location was related to feng shui, and its construction was closely related to the poems and letters of literati, so the South Bridge of Dujiangyan carried rich history and culture and has high historical value. There are many galleries, carvings and calligraphy on the South Bridge of Dujiangyan, which show the economic and cultural development level of a place. Through the protective development and utilization of the South Bridge, it can inherit its historical, cultural and artistic values, but also make people understand the development of the society at that time, and encourage people to pay attention to and protect the historical civilization.

2.2. Scientific and Technological Value

The construction of the Dujiangyan South Bridge represents the bridge making technology and level of the craftsmen of the time. In the era of limited technical conditions, the craftsmen gave full play to their wisdom and hard work, and built a magnificent covered bridge with a unique style, which is of great scientific and technical value. Modern bridge engineers learned the bridge construction technology at that time of bridge construction, which is conducive to the research and construction of antique bridge, and promote the further development of bridge construction in China. Through excavation and development, a large number of technical talents who build antique bridge can be trained to promote the inheritance and development of building corridor bridge technology. We protect and utilize the South Bridge, and realize its scientific and technological value to the greatest extent, and promote the sustainable inheritance and development of China’s bridge technology. [3]

2.3. Economic Value

With the development of society and economy, people have the demand for more and more spiritual and cultural level, and are willing to spend more money and time learning about China’s excellent historical and cultural treasures. Dujiangyan Nanqiao’s unique construction style and rich historical and cultural value attract many people to want to understand and appreciate its infinite charm. The colorful picture scroll on the south bridge makes people as if in the water gallery. Its night scene is dazzling, so that people can not help but stop and stay. Dujiangyan Nanqiao has become a tourist attraction that many people yearn for. Through its protective development and use, we can make more people understand Nanqiao and promote the development of the local economy. The local government revenue increased financial support for the protection of South Bridge.

3. Problems Existing in the Protection and Utilization of the South Bridge

3.1. Weak Public Awareness of Protection

Nanqiao is the landmark historical building of Dujiangyan, not only because of its unique historical architectural style, but also because it carries many historical context and cultural atmosphere. It is unique, and every resident living in the local area should cherish and pass on. [4] Dujiangyan South Bridge is rich in historical, cultural and artistic value, and it is a precious bridge in Chengdu. However, with the development of society and economy, people mostly regard it more as an ornamental bridge, only as a resource for the development of tourism, without really entering it, understand its real value and connotation, and protect it. In order to protect and use the South Bridge, we should develop and use it on the basis of protection to realize the sustainable development of the South Bridge.

3.2. Single Source Channel of Maintenance Funds

The protection of the Dujiangyan South Bridge required regular repairs, but the maintenance funds came mainly from the government. The maintenance work needs a lot of financial support, but the contradiction between Nanqiao protection and the relative shortage of funds can still not be effectively solved. The shortage of funds is still a major obstacle to the process of protection and development of Dujiangyan Nanqiao. We should carry out protective development and use of it on the basis of preservation. As time passed, the ancient bridge also experienced many wind and rain, and we want to maintain it regularly, to preserve the original characteristics of the historical building. China’s historical building protection capital investment depends entirely on the government, the source of private funds is very little, and the participation of social capital is also very limited. We should gather public efforts to jointly protect the historical and cultural heritage of our own city.

3.3. Lack of Original Authenticity of Dujiangyan South Bridge

With the development of society and economy, people inject more and more modern elements into the south bridge, injecting new vitality into the ancient bridge, but also missing the original authenticity of the south bridge. What people yearn for is the bridge with historical deposits accumulated through time, rather than the building that has been greatly changed by modern society. We should inject some new vitality into the original vitality, which should help people better inherit the history and culture of Nanqiao. On the premise of protection, the protective development and utilization of Nanqiao should not ignore the real social effect in order to pursue the temporary economic effect. Nanqiao has rich historical, cultural and artistic value, which has a far reaching influence on future generations. We should convey its spirit to carry on, so that it can maintain its original authenticity, so that more people can truly understand and understand Nanqiao.

4. Solution to the Protection and Utilization of the South Bridge

4.1. Cultivate the Mass Awareness of Protection

We should carry out the protective development and utilization of Dujiangyan South Bridge, and cultivate the conscious protection awareness of the masses. Nanqiao is a precious historical bridge in Chengdu, and everyone has the responsibility and obligation to protect it. The government should actively publicize the historical, artistic and scientific values of Nanqiao to the people, so that the masses can have a higher understanding of the existence of Nanqiao. The government should make full use of all kinds of new media, such as weibo, Douyin publicity on the protection of Nanqiao, carry out the national protection of Nanqiao publicity project, strengthen publicity, actively broaden the channels of the public to participate in the protection, improve the operation mechanism of public participation in the protection, let the people really participate in the protection of historical buildings.

4.2. Actively Broaden the Source Channels of Maintenance Funds

The protective development and utilization of Dujiangyan South Bridge needs not only the conscious protection action support of the people, but also the financial support of social capital. The government should establish a market mechanism for the protection of Dujiangyan South Bridge, mobilize social capital and make a contribution to the protection of the bridge. The protective development and utilization of Nanqiao cannot be separated from the support of funds. With sufficient material guarantee, Nanqiao can be developed and utilized on the basis of protection, so as to realize the sustainable protection and development of Dujiangyan Nanqiao. [5] With the development of social economy, the government should establish a market economy system to protect historical buildings, actively mobilize the forces from all sectors of society, and form a variety of government―led capital protection and utilization of historical buildings. On the premise of protection and the development and utilization of Nanqiao, the government should encourage the investment of various social capital, establish a government led development and utilization mechanism, provide policy support to the enterprises participating in the protection and development of Nanqiao, and enhance their sense of social responsibility and the awareness of the protection of historical buildings.

4.3. Keep the Unique Historical Charm of Nanqiao

Dujiangyan South Bridge has a unique historical charm, these historical charm attract people to understand and understand Nanqiao. With the development of social economy, our protection and utilization of the South Bridge should also keep pace with The Times and inject new vitality and vitality into it. However, we should take the premise of protecting the original authenticity of Nanqiao, and achieve the protection and inheritance of the precious legacy left by our predecessors to the greatest extent. From the perspective of protection and inheritance, people’s study of the history and culture of Nanqiao is essential. Relevant units can regularly organize the activities of “traveling to Nanqiao, learning history” and explain the history of Nanqiao, so that people can have a deeper understanding of this bridge with its own unique charm. Dujiangyan South Bridge has its own original authenticity, it has a unique history and culture, we should protect and inherit it. When we inject fresh vitality into Nanqiao, we should promote the sustainable protection and development of Nanqiao on the premise of maintaining the original authenticity of Nanqiao.

5. Summary

Dujiangyan South Bridge is an important historical building in Chengdu. It has rich historical, cultural and artistic value. We should protect and inherit it well. However, with the development of society and economy and the progress of The Times, Nanqiao needs more protective development and utilization. Protection and utilization is a double-edged sword. Excessive protection will make the rich historical, cultural and scientific value of South Bridge not reflected, and excessive development and utilization will cause huge losses to South Bridge. When the protection and utilization of Nanqiao Bridge, we should grasp a degree, take protection as the premise of protection, promote development and utilization through protection, and strengthen people’s protection awareness of Nanqiao Bridge through development and utilization. The protection and utilization of South Bridge are studied to deeply discover problems and put forward solutions, which is conducive to realizing the sustainable protection and development of South Bridge.

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