Reconfigurable Logistics Information System Based on Soft Components Technology


Logistics information system should be reconfigurable, open and extensible to support the total supply chain. Soft com-ponent technology is introduced to design and build the logistics information system oriented to the business demand of kinds of supply chains. When the supply chain is changed, logistics information system organizes all kinds of required logistics resources, by recalling predefined soft components to dynamically configure logistics information system, which can ensure quick respond to the changes of supply chain demand and support dynamic reconfiguration of the logistics information system. In this paper, a method of reconfiguration of logistics information system by using soft component technology is proposed. The key problems to the subject domain are investigated and an illustrative case study is presented.

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Liang, F. (2008) Reconfigurable Logistics Information System Based on Soft Components Technology. Journal of Service Science and Management, 1, 153-158. doi: 10.4236/jssm.2008.12016.

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