An Analysis of the Excellent Quality of College Students Studying Young Xi Jinping


Young Xi Jinping’s seven-year life as an educated youth has created his tenacious fighting spirit, optimistic attitude towards life, and world-minded ideals and other excellent qualities. These excellent qualities can cultivate the will and quality of college students, help college students to temper a strong enterprising spirit, and experience not afraid of failure. To maintain an optimistic attitude towards life plays an important role.

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Wang, M. (2020) An Analysis of the Excellent Quality of College Students Studying Young Xi Jinping. Chinese Studies, 9, 77-81. doi: 10.4236/chnstd.2020.93007.

1. Introduction

College students are the future of the motherland and the hope of the nation. The height of young students’ pursuit of ideals determines the height of the future development of the Chinese nation, and the degree of young students’ firm belief affects the progress of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The excellent quality of young Xi Jinping plays a very important role in the education of college students’ diversified knowledge acquisition and personality development. College students should follow the example of young Xi Jinping, who is not afraid to endure hardship, is positive, learns to encourage himself, has the sense of responsibility, and sets up lofty ideals.

2. Willing to Learn Good Reading Chasing the Dream

As the ancient saying goes, “If you don’t learn, you can’t broaden your talents; if you don’t have ambition, you can’t become a scholar.” Knowledge is the way to gain experience and aim high. The book that the young Xi Jinping took two suitcases with him to the countryside shows that he realized the importance of learning. He made good use of all his time, “reading when he had a stitch” (Central Party School Interview Record Editing Room, 2017), “working in the day and reading at night”, and “going out to read aloud in the yard” when he was excited, even when he was working on the hills. Because of this, he left a vivid story of “borrowing books for 30 miles and asking for books for 30 miles”.

Young Xi Jinping was not only “diligent in reading”, but also “good at analysis”, which laid a solid foundation for his future development. He paid attention to comparison in reading and understood and analyzed problems from different aspects. He thought: “There is a lot of water in books. Only by combining with the masses can we evaporate the water and get real knowledge.” (Central Party School Interview Record Editing Room, 2017). He focused on seeking truth from practice. In the experience of hoeing, ploughing land, loosing soil and other agricultural work, he tried to find ways to increase agricultural production and recorded agricultural knowledge with a small book and speak in high spirits. All these showed his diligence and learning with heart, which laid a solid foundation for Comrade Xi Jinping so that he was able to subtly draw on quotations and references in his important speeches in the future. It was a good start for his down-to-earth work.

Ambition is actually the motivation to learn. Although young Xi Jinping went to the countryside, His lofty ideal is to have a career in his life. Although the pursuit of dreams is related to family and social education, the decisive role is still individual. In reading, I learn to be a man and learn to refer to the example of a colorful life. This spirit converges into the spirit of not complaining and not being discouraged to personal experience, and becomes a successful example of “jade is better than success” with perseverance in the difficult times.

This is in sharp contrast to the fact that some students nowadays pay too much attention to test scores. Although students’ test scores are important, they only reflect some strengths in memory, comprehension, analysis and other abilities, rather than a person’s overall wisdom. Therefore, young college students need to learn from Xi jinping in their study and life, It is not a complete acceptance of book knowledge and obedience to superiors, pay attention to the reasonable use of our time in individual learning, pay attention to the importance of combining with practice, through the practice to verify the correctness of acquisition the theory, play the ability of self, interest, timely adjustment of individual elements such as mood, with positive attitude to learning and practice, realize person’s full scale development.

In the age of networking, information technology and globalization, college students need to study hard and study hard, like young Xi Jinping, dare to take on the responsibilities given by The Times and set up lofty ideals. Actively take advantage of opportunities to constantly improve and improve themselves, and strive to train themselves to become qualified builders and successors of the socialist cause, in study assiduously, climb to the peak, in life and interpersonal communication, the courage to face and undertake important tasks, establish the ideal and belief to actively contribute to the country and society.

3. When Things Happen, You Have the Strength to Realize Life’s Transcendence

Xi Jinping’s years as an educated youth have played a crucial role in his overall growth, maturity and success. As an ancient saying goes, “When Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man, it always first frustrates his spirit and will, exhausts his muscles and bones, exposes him to starvation and poverty, harasses him by troubles and setbacks so as to stimulate his spirit, toughen his nature and enhance his abilities.” Young Xi Jinping needs to be calm when he is in the countryside and experiences self-motivation, which is a true reflection of his physical and mental training.

Before he went to the countryside, his father Xi Zhongxun suffered persecution and his fate was uncertain. His mother’s life is full of scrutiny and criticism; He and his brothers and sisters were called “gangsters” and went to the countryside because juvie was overcrowded. After going to the countryside, “He completed a transformation in a difficult situation and achieved spiritual sublimation” (Queue Jumping, 2017). Having just arrived in northern Shaanxi, Xi Jinping could not let go of the label of “gangsters” for a long time, feeling “blank” and “helpless”. He had to move on with the burden of thought that Xi Zhongxun’s son did not go with the red flag”, and this once puzzled him a lot (Central Party School Interview Record Editing Room, 2017). Fortunately, someone enlightened him ideologically. Under the support of his own ideals and beliefs, external support and spiritual encouragement, he did not choose to give up. As Mr. Kong recalls: “while in the countryside, educated youths with good political conditions were able to join the army and recruit workers, but ‘gangster’ like Xi Jinping and I did not have this chance” (Kong, 2017). Because of this, Xi Jinping stayed in Liangjia He for seven years, and he was the last one to leave the countryside among the 15 educated youth. At this time, most of the Beijing educated youth in Yan’an had already returned to the city.

The seven years’ experience of going to the countryside cultivated his spirit of determination and realized young Xi Jinping’s transcendence in life under the power of self-motivation. While in the countryside, he sharpened himself under hard conditions and kept close to the party organization ideologically. In the previous five years, he had written the application for joining the league eight times and written the application for joining the Communist Party of China ten times. His spirit of not complaining and not being discouraged finally enabled him to join the Chinese Communist Party. It is the persistence and pursuit of the right ideals and beliefs that lead to his ultimate achievement. When he recalled the life as an educated youth, he concluded, “The path of life should be chosen by oneself. How to choose a right path, the key is to have firm ideals and beliefs. Otherwise, someone will still go the wrong way even in good environment” (Xi Jinping, 2012).

In the life journey, contemporary youth should learn to concentrate and achieve life transcendence under self-motivation. Young Xi stayed in the countryside for seven years, and its geographical position was relatively poor (loess plateau in northern Shaanxi) to, He went through four difficulties in his life and deeply experienced the most bitter as well as difficult life. Because of birth problems, Xi jinping needed to do things from the beginning of the “negative”, we know what is real commitment and firm ideal from him”. These spirits are not only the learning model for contemporary college students to start from “zero”, but also the knowledge accumulation for early growth of learning to think calmly in case of trouble.

If contemporary college students want to make a career, they need to have positive attitude towards life learning from Xi Jinping. In the countryside, regarding yourself as a “normal” farmer, sharpening the individual tenacious, breaking through with the youth’s ideal, basing ideal faith of the era on the correct understanding of the theory of the scientific and objective understanding of historical development rule, accurately grasping the situation of our country and development stage, firmly establishing a persistent belief that is to struggle to realize the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, promoting the success of the road construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. College students need to have a correct outlook on life, take every step steadily, have the courage to challenge difficulties and hardships, strengthen their mind, be not afraid of difficulties in life, regardless of temporary gains and losses, study hard and have great aspirations, and these lay a solid foundation for future growth and progress.

4. Serve and Give Back to the Community with a Grateful Heart

Only by tempering the will can one aim high and have a great mind. “patriotism, encouragement, truth seeking, practice and gratitude” are his vivid manifestations. Young Xi Jinping built a deep bond with the local people when he was in the countryside. He first thanked the local people for accepting him as the educated youth. “I can do nothing at the beginning,” he recalled, “Later, I learned to make noodles, steam dumplings, pickle cabbage, ect.” (Huo Xiaoguang, 2015). Having integrated into local society, he was shocked by the level of poverty there, and he was determined to change the current situation. “The villagers lived in poverty and could not eat a piece of meat for months. I know what the villagers need most” (Xi Jinping, 2017), “poor but even stronger, I shall never let my initial ambition fall”, they have a tenacity “to pave the way through mountains and build Bridges across the river”, In liangjiahe, they built warping dams, drilled wells, opened consignment stores and mills, and founded political night schools, the rural construction will be prosperous and vigorous.

Xi jinping returned to Liangjiahe twice in 1993 and 2015. He visited the villagers door to door, and even people he had not contacted for more than 40 years could “call out their names and nicknames”. “He remembered every mountain and ditch in Liangjiahe” (Central Party School Interview Record Editing Room, 2017). This is the storage mark of a deep emotion based on love for the masses and attachment to the place. The great mission and arduous responsibility are driven by deep feeling. “Never relax, do not stop, do not slack off” is the biggest reward to rural villagers.

Contemporary college students should learn to gratitude. People living in the society need to keep in mind the ancient saying “Little help brings much return”, that is to repay the society. First of all, we should thank our parents for giving us life, thanks for teachers’ teachings, students’ help and friends’ assistance... Be grateful for everyone you meet in your life. Because it is their guidance, help and influence, there is less detour, twists and turns in our life, we are more positive and wiser in the face of matters, we will be fearless to move forward with ambition and regretless when we are young. Only when we are grateful can we produce the good virtue and give it back to the society. This develops gradually from the love to the country, society and family, and from the education to college students in the modern society that “we are not only consumers and requesters in our life, but also contributors”. In the future, cultivating college students to learn to give back to the society will become a key educational content in the growth stage of them. College students’ sense of feedback to the society will become a new life coordinate leading the new social trend.

At present, China is in the situation of all-round prosperity in social development, and the consciousness and morality of the whole society are also on the rise. College students should keep up with the development of the Times. They should not only show their initiative, ambition and ambition in study, but also show their sense of responsibility, responsibility and gratitude in work. College students need to closely link their own development with the fate of the motherland, worthy of the mission of today, they need to follow the example of young Xi Jinping, like young Xi Jinping, dare to make contributions, strengthen the value of life, adhere to the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, and contribute to the sustainable development of China’s social economy.

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