Fabrication of two-dimensional periodic TiO2 pillar arrays by multi-beam laser interference lithography
Hiroyo Segawa, Hiroaki Misawa
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Two-dimensional (2D) periodic TiO2 pillar arrays, applicable to photonic crystals and micro-channels, were fabricated by direct patterning of a TiO2-organic hybrid material by multi-beam laser interference lithography and calcination of hybrid patterns. 2D periodic pillars of a TiO2– organic hybrid material were prepared by irra-diation with the interference pattern of femto-second laser beams and removal of the non- irradiated portions. Two types of periodic pillar arrays, standing pillars and top-gathering pillars (four pillars gathered at the top), were obtained, depending on laser irradiation conditions. After calcination of TiO2–organic hybrid pillars, TiO2 pillar arrays were obtained without collapse.

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Segawa, H. and Misawa, H. (2009) Fabrication of two-dimensional periodic TiO2 pillar arrays by multi-beam laser interference lithography. Natural Science, 1, 176-180. doi: 10.4236/ns.2009.13022.

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