Oral spindle cell lipomas


Spindle cell lipoma is an histological type of lipoma which are rarely found in the oral cavity. We describe two cases of intraoral spindle cell lipomas. The pa- tients were men and presented painless slow growing masses in the left cheek and hard palate, measuring 50 × 30 mm and 23 × 20 mm respectively. Microsco- pically, both lesions presented a solid proliferation of mature fat cells intermixed with bundles of connec- tive tissue. Cells were immunopositive for S100 pro- tein and CD34 (one case), with low mitotic activity (Ki-67). The final diagnosis was spindle cell lipomas. The lesions were excised and no recurrence was no- ticed after six months. Oral spindle cell lipomas are unexpected to occur in the oral mucosa, and the main differential diagnosis is well-differentiated liposar- coma/atypical lipoma. Lesions are treated with sur-gical excision and recurrences are rare.

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Caldeira, P. , Bernardes, V. , Miranda, A. , Telles, D. , Batista, R. , Ribeiro, C. and Silva, T. (2011) Oral spindle cell lipomas. Open Journal of Stomatology, 1, 202-206. doi: 10.4236/ojst.2011.14031.

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