Planting Time Effects of Top-Shoot Cutting on Yield and Grade for Rapid Seed Potato Multiplication


Top-shoot cuttings were evaluated as planting material with different planting time for rapid multiplication of potato. Plants produced from top-shoot cuttings planted on 25th November (T3) produced higher mean tuber yield (32.95 tha﹣1) than December planting. Total yield of potato increased 122.8% from early one source crop plants due to taking two times cutting and it was 89.7 % from late one source crop plants. Seed tuber yield increased 167.89% and 95.33% in early and late one source crop plants, respectively. The highest gross net return of Tk. 984,440 was found from whole tuber planted on 10th November with benefit cost ratio of 3.42. From top shoot cuttings, the highest net return of Tk. 739,600 was found in T3 (25th November planting) with benefit cost ratio of 6.20. The crop grown from early planted top-shoot cuttings also produced higher percentage of A and B grade seed tubers than late planting. The results revealed that top shoot cuttings would be used in potato production for getting maximum economic return.

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Mamun, M. , Mahmud, A. , Khan, M. , Hossain, M. and Zakaria, M. (2015) Planting Time Effects of Top-Shoot Cutting on Yield and Grade for Rapid Seed Potato Multiplication. Open Access Library Journal, 2, 1-8. doi: 10.4236/oalib.1101904.

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