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Sensorless Control of Four-Switch Inverter for Brushless DC Motor Drive and Its Simulation

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The major function of this proposed research is to control the speed of the brushless DC motor with sensor less control for four-switch three phase inverter. This proposed system is simplified the topological structure of the conventional six-switch three phase inverter. In this proposed method, a new structure of four-switch three phase inverter [1] with reduced number of switches for system is introduced to reduce the mechanical commutation, switching losses that occur in the six-switch method. The proposed inverter fed brushless DC motor used in sensorless control schemes which is used for sensing positioning signals. To improve sensor less control performance, four-switch electronic commutation modes based proportional intergral controller scheme is implemented. In this four-switch three phase inverter reduction of switches, low cost control and saving of hall sensor were incorporated. The feasibility of the proposed sensor less control four-switch three phase inverter fed brushless DC motor drive is implemented, analysed using MATLAB/SIMULINK, effective simulation results have been validated out successfully.

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Shanmugam, S. , Ramachandran, M. , Kanagaraj, K. and Loganathan, A. (2016) Sensorless Control of Four-Switch Inverter for Brushless DC Motor Drive and Its Simulation. Circuits and Systems, 7, 726-734. doi: 10.4236/cs.2016.76062.


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