Rayleigh-Benard Instability in a Horizontal Porous Layer Affected by Rotation


This study examines the Benard convection of an infinite horizontal porous layer permeated by an incompressible thermally conducting viscous fluid in the presence of Coriolis forces. The porous layer is controlled by the Brinkman model. Analytical and numerical solutions are obtained for the cases of stationary convection and overstability. The critical thermal Rayleigh numbers are obtained for different values of the permeability of porous medium, Chandrasekhar number and Taylor number for different boundary conditions. The related eigenvalue problem is solved using the Chebyshev polynomial Tau method.

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Abdullah, A. and Bakhsh, A. (2015) Rayleigh-Benard Instability in a Horizontal Porous Layer Affected by Rotation. Applied Mathematics, 6, 2300-2310. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.614202.

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