Tri-Band Parallel Slots Loaded Circular Disk Patch Antenna for C and X-Band Applications


This paper presents the tri-band slot loaded patch antenna for mobile communication. The antenna consists of parallel slots loaded circular disk with defected ground structure antenna (DGS). The antenna without DGS, acts like wide band antenna and bandwidth is 34.45% (3.47 - 4.92 GHz) with maximum gain of 4.97 dBi, which can be used in WiMax application. This structure has the following advantages: 1) co-axial feeding technique, which is very simple as compared to other feeding technique, 2) simple and cost effective and 3) it is more efficient than the antenna without DGS. This antenna has been analyzed using IE3D simulation software.

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Yadav, N. (2016) Tri-Band Parallel Slots Loaded Circular Disk Patch Antenna for C and X-Band Applications. Wireless Engineering and Technology, 7, 12-23. doi: 10.4236/wet.2016.71002.

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