Room-Temperature Humidity Sensing Using Graphene Oxide Thin Films


In this article, we report on a room-temperature humidity sensing device using graphene oxide (GO) thin films synthesized by chemical exfoliation. Changes in the device conductivity are measured for varying relative humidity in the experimental chamber. Experiments are carried out for relative humidity varying from 30% to 95%. We observe a difference in the results obtained for low relative humidity (<50%) and high relative humidity (>50%), and propose a sensing mechanism to explain this difference. Although the sensor exhibits some hysteresis at high relative humidities, a method to “reset” the sensor is also proposed. The sensing device has high sensitivity and fast response time.

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Naik, G. and Krishnaswamy, S. (2016) Room-Temperature Humidity Sensing Using Graphene Oxide Thin Films. Graphene, 5, 1-13. doi: 10.4236/graphene.2016.51001.

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