A New Approach Based on MoM-GEC Method to Mutual Coupling Analysis of Symmetric Twin Waveguides for Antenna Applications


In previous modeling works, the waveguide radiation in the free space is modeled using an infinite flange in aperture plan. In this paper, we propose a new formulation to analyze the radiation of twin rectangular waveguides in free space. Our formulation consists firstly in simulating the free space as rectangular waveguide and seeking the appropriate dimensions that do not affect scattering parameters. In the second step, we use the symmetry principle to reduce the coupling problem to single guide radiating in the free space. Moreover, for more simplification, we consider a concentric discontinuity to solve this latter. This approach is based on moments method combined to the generalized equivalent circuit method (MoM-GEC) in order to reduce the number of unknown problems and alleviate their computation. Obtained numerical results are presented and discussed. A good agreement with literature is shown and the boundary conditions are verified.

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Kaddouri, A. , Aidi, M. and Aguili, T. (2015) A New Approach Based on MoM-GEC Method to Mutual Coupling Analysis of Symmetric Twin Waveguides for Antenna Applications. Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications, 7, 283-290. doi: 10.4236/jemaa.2015.712030.

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