Comparison of the Normal, Preperimetric Glaucoma, and Glaucomatous Eyes with Upper-Hemifield Defects Using SD-OCT


Purpose: We compared the thickness of circumpapillary retinal nerve fiver layer (cpRNFL) and macular ganglion cell layer with inner plexiform layer (GCL + IPL) using Cirrus HD-OCT (Ver.6.0: Carl Zeiss). Materials and Methods: This study included 12 eyes of normal controls, 10 eyes of preperimetric glaucoma (PPG) with loss of RNFL either in superior or in inferior hemisphere without visual field defects, and 22 eyes of glaucoma eyes with visual field defects restricted to upper hemifield (UHFD: early 10 eyes, severe 12 eyes). The cpRNFL thickness analyzed from disk center by dividing into 12 sectors. The GCL + IPL thickness analyzed from central fovea by dividing into six sectors. Both compared between normal eye group and other 3 groups using the average value of each sectors. Result: The cpRNFL and the GCL + IPL thickness were obviously thin as compared with normal eyes. Conclusion: Even if it is in the state where abnormalities are not detected using the Humphrey field Analyzer, it is suggested that the early structural change of glaucoma has already arisen.

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Fujimura, F. , Shoji, N. , Hirasawa, K. , Matsumura, K. , Morita, T. and Shimizu, K. (2015) Comparison of the Normal, Preperimetric Glaucoma, and Glaucomatous Eyes with Upper-Hemifield Defects Using SD-OCT. Open Journal of Ophthalmology, 5, 167-173. doi: 10.4236/ojoph.2015.54027.

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