A Case of Multiple Hemorrhagic Gastric Ulcers Developed via a Mechanism Similar to Water-Immersion Restraint Stress


In rats, water-immersion restraint stress is a model of experimental ulceration. We encountered a case in which multiple hemorrhagic gastric ulcers formed in the stomach in a setting similar to water-immersion restraint stress. The patient was a 54-year-old man who was found wet on a riverbank and transported by ambulance. Because of hypothermia and renal failure, hemodialysis was performed. Tarry stools were noted and endoscopy revealed the presence of multiple hemorrhagic gastric ulcers; thus, hemostasis was performed end oscopically. During the course, pseudo membranous colitis also developed and was ameliorated with vancomycin. Further, the renal failure and gastric ulcers improved, and the patient was discharged from hospital 25 days later. The reason why he survived more than 2 weeks was the hot summer season and he was not soaked in the river water throughout.

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Inoue, Y. , Fujino, Y. , Onodera, M. , Kikuchi, S. , Sato, M. , Sato, H. , Noda, H. , Kkojika, M. , Suzuki, Y. and Endo, S. (2015) A Case of Multiple Hemorrhagic Gastric Ulcers Developed via a Mechanism Similar to Water-Immersion Restraint Stress. Open Journal of Clinical Diagnostics, 5, 136-140. doi: 10.4236/ojcd.2015.54022.

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