Investigation of Different Washing Effects on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cotton Knitted Garments


This paper deals with three types of washing (enzyme, softener, Silicone) effects on 100% cotton Single Jersey T-shirt, Slub Single Jersey T-shirt, Double Lacoste (5% Lycra) Polo shirt, Single jersey CVC (T-shirt) and PC single Jersey (T-shirt). Typical industrial washing procedures and techniques were followed and then physico-mechanical properties were analyzed under standard condition. It is observed that after washing, weight of each garments has increased from 5% to 36%; stitch length of the constituted fabric has decreased from 1% to 10% approximately; CPI has increased 23% for CVC fabric only for enzyme treatment and for other process it has a little bit or no wash effects. Same effects found for WPI except 100% cotton and Double Lacoste. Shrinkage property both for lengthwise and widthwise remains the same except CVC and Double Lacoste knitted garments and spirality has almost unchanged except 100% cotton and slub fabric. Both the dry and wet rubbing properties have improved after any types of wash except 100% cotton on Silicone wash. Water absorbency property has increased; pH of all the samples is under controlled and lies between 4.5 and 5.0. But there is no significant change of colorfastness to wash and stain after these washing treatments.

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Solaiman, Rouf, A., Rasel, S. and Khalil, E. (2015) Investigation of Different Washing Effects on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cotton Knitted Garments. Journal of Textile Science and Technology, 1, 101-109. doi: 10.4236/jtst.2015.13011.

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