Doping Graphene by Chemical Treatments Using Acid and Basic Substances

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We prepared single-layer graphene films through mechanical exfoliation of Kish graphite and chemical vapor deposition techniques. These samples were treated in nitric acid, sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide and ammonium hydroxide solutions to induce doping. We used Micro Raman Spectroscopy before and after the chemical functionalization to monitor differences in the Raman spectrum. We found shifting for both G and 2D peaks of graphene and a significant upshifting in samples treated with sulfuric acid, similar to those reported for nitric acid.

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Bautista-Flores, C. , Sato-Berrú, R. and Mendoza, D. (2015) Doping Graphene by Chemical Treatments Using Acid and Basic Substances. Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, 3, 17-21. doi: 10.4236/msce.2015.310003.

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