Carcinosarcoma of the Lung Associated with Tuberculosis


Carcinosarcoma is an uncommon mixed tumor of the lung. It is composed of a mixture of carcinoma and sarcoma elements. We present a case of 64-year-old male with carcinosarcoma of the lung associated with tuberculosis involvement of the same site. The patient was admitted for cough, malaise and fever. Bronchial lavage culture revealed M. tuberculosis. Six months after completion of tuberculosis treatment, the patient was admitted for hemoptysis and headache. CT revealed a solid lesion at the left upper lobe anterior bronchus. Histopathologic examination of the bronchial biopsy specimen revealed carcinosarcoma. Cranial MRI showed a metastatic lesion in the cerebellum which was removed surgically. Four months later, the patient developed bilateral malignant pleural effusions, recurrent cerebellar and skeletal metastases and died in the intensive care unit following intubation for respiratory failure. We describe a case of pulmonary carcinosarcoma occurring at the same localization shortly after successful treatment of tuberculosis with reference to relevant literature.

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Yanardag, H. , Tetikkurt, C. , Yılmaz, U. , Bilir, M. and Sahin, S. (2015) Carcinosarcoma of the Lung Associated with Tuberculosis. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 4, 321-326. doi: 10.4236/crcm.2015.410064.

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