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Alternative Derivation of the Mean-Field Equations for Composite Fermions

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The Hamiltonian describing a composite fermion system is usually presented in a phenomenological way. By using a classical nonrelativistic U(1) × U(1) gauge field model for the electromagnetic interaction of electrons, we show how to obtain the mean-field Hamiltonian describing composite fermions in 2 + 1 dimensions. In order to achieve this goal, the Dirac Hamiltonian formalism for constrained systems is used. Furthermore, we compare these results with the ones corresponding to the inclusion of a topological mass term for the electromagnetic field in the Lagrangian.

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Manavella, E. and Repetto, C. (2015) Alternative Derivation of the Mean-Field Equations for Composite Fermions. Journal of Modern Physics, 6, 1737-1742. doi: 10.4236/jmp.2015.612175.


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