Efficient Choice of a Multilevel Inverter for Integration on a Hybrid Wind-Solar Power Station


DC/AC converters are very important components that have to be chosen efficiently for each type of power station. In this article, we present in details, a comparison between three different architectures of multilevel inverters, the flying capacitor multilevel inverter (FCMLI), the diode clamped multilevel inverter (DCMLI), and the cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter (CHMLI). Thus the comparison is focused on the output voltage quality, the complexity of the power circuits, the cost of implementation, and the influence on a power bank inside the renewable power station. We also investigate trough simulation the efficient number of levels and suitable characteristics for the CHMLI that showed the most promising performance. The study uses Matlab Simulink platform as a tool of simulation, and aim to choose the most qualified inverter, for a potential insertion on a hybrid renewable energy platform (wind-solar). In all the simulations we use the same PWM control type (SPWM).

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Khalili, T. , Raihani, A. , Ouajji, H. , Bouattane, O. and Amri, F. (2015) Efficient Choice of a Multilevel Inverter for Integration on a Hybrid Wind-Solar Power Station. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 3, 44-58. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2015.39004.

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