The Impact of Turbidity on Zooplankton Densities in Lake Kinneret (Israel)


Spatial survey of zooplankton community composition within the upper 10 m layer in Lake Kinneret was carried out. Samples were collected by plankton net (63 μ mesh size) and counted organisms were sorted by 2 groups: 1) Large-including Copepodite and adult Cyclopoid copepods and Cladocerans; 2) Small nauplii and rotifers. It was found that in the northern part of the lake where turbidity is high, the density of small organisms is relatively lower, and in other parts of the lake where water is less turbid, large organisms are relatively less abundant. Speculative assumption about the impact of fish feeding behavior on that is presented.

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Gophen, M. (2015) The Impact of Turbidity on Zooplankton Densities in Lake Kinneret (Israel). Open Journal of Modern Hydrology, 5, 87-94. doi: 10.4236/ojmh.2015.54008.

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