A Review on Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Polymer Composites


Natural fibres will take a major role in the emerging “green” economy based on energy efficiency, the use of renewable materials in polymer products, industrial processes that reduce carbon emissions and recyclable materials that minimize waste. Natural fibres are a kind of renewable resources, which have been renewed by nature and human ingenuity for thousands of years. They are also carbon neutral; they absorb the equal amount of carbon dioxide they produce. These fibers are completely renewable, environmental friendly, high specific strength, non-abrasive, low cost, and bio-degradability. Due to these characteristics, natural fibers have recently become attractive to researchers and scientists as an alternative method for fibers reinforced composites. This review paper summarized the history of natural fibers and its applications. Also, this paper focused on different properties of natural fibers (such as hemp, jute, bamboo and sisal) and its applications which were used to substitute glass fiber.

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Ashik, K. and Sharma, R. (2015) A Review on Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Polymer Composites. Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering, 3, 420-426. doi: 10.4236/jmmce.2015.35044.

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