Structure-Property Relationship in Terms of Dynamic Mechanical Properties of High Energy Radiation Treated Industrially Important Thermoplastic Elastomer Blend


A series of low-density polyethylene (LDPE)/ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) blends with various compositions have been prepared by melt mixing followed by injection molding. These specimens are irradiated at 40, 80, 120 and 160 kGy electron beam radiation. The gel content increases with increase in EPDM and as well as EB dose. Storage modulus (E’) and loss modulus (E”) are decreased with increase in EPDM content. Storage modulus continues to increase and loss modulus keeps on decreasing with radiation dose. Interestingly, damping property is found to be more for EPDM rich blends, which again decreases upon irradiation. Morphology of fractured surface of LDPE/EPDM shows that with increase in EPDM content, the size and depth of the cavity becomes larger and deeper indicating higher ductility. But, EB crosslinking makes the surface smoother and the smoothness keeps on increasing with increase in dose rendering stiffness to the samples.

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Sharma, B. , Chowdhury, S. , Mahanwar, P. and Sarma, K. (2015) Structure-Property Relationship in Terms of Dynamic Mechanical Properties of High Energy Radiation Treated Industrially Important Thermoplastic Elastomer Blend. Advances in Materials Physics and Chemistry, 5, 383-398. doi: 10.4236/ampc.2015.59039.

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