Tooth Surface Design for Variable Transmission Ratio Bevel Gearing


A novel CAD method for tooth profile based on the gearing feature has been proposed in this paper, and this method could be applied to the variable transmission ratio and three-dimension situation. The two pitch curves of the two gears can be generated due to the given transmission ratio. The tooth profile curves are formed in each coordinate system of its pitch curve by the gearing process. Finally, the tooth profile could be extracted and translated into a real dimension by CAD method. It is provided a simply thought for tooth profile design to avoid so much complicated mathematical reasoning.

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Yang, N. , Zhang, D. and Tian, Y. (2015) Tooth Surface Design for Variable Transmission Ratio Bevel Gearing. Applied Mathematics, 6, 1685-1695. doi: 10.4236/am.2015.610150.

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