A New Approach of Solving Linear Fractional Programming Problem (LFP) by Using Computer Algorithm


In this paper, we study a new approach for solving linear fractional programming problem (LFP) by converting it into a single Linear Programming (LP) Problem, which can be solved by using any type of linear fractional programming technique. In the objective function of an LFP, if β is negative, the available methods are failed to solve, while our proposed method is capable of solving such problems. In the present paper, we propose a new method and develop FORTRAN programs to solve the problem. The optimal LFP solution procedure is illustrated with numerical examples and also by a computer program. We also compare our method with other available methods for solving LFP problems. Our proposed method of linear fractional programming (LFP) problem is very simple and easy to understand and apply.

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Saha, S. , Hossain, M. , Uddin, M. and Mondal, R. (2015) A New Approach of Solving Linear Fractional Programming Problem (LFP) by Using Computer Algorithm. Open Journal of Optimization, 4, 74-86. doi: 10.4236/ojop.2015.43010.

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