DNA Extraction from Insects by Using Different Techniques: A Review


This review paper was prepared at Department of Zoology, University of Gujrat, Pakistan during 2014-2015. The data for the two decades, DNA Extraction from Insects by Using Different Techniques was compiled through a thorough review of many research articles published in various journals of international repute. Insects are very important economically and ecologically for human due to their various roles, as pests, decomposer in nutrition cycle, vector for the transmission of certain diseases and a source of medically and economically important products. To identify insect, and for research on their role, different molecular techniques are used. For each molecular technique, high quality DNA is required, which is extracted from the insects by different techniques. The selection of DNA extraction technique is depended upon specimen under study, time required for extraction, economical stander of technique due to reagents and equipment used for extraction and most importantly extracted DNA quality. In this paper, most frequently used techniques for DNA extraction from insect with different size and condition are outlined. This paper is only a guide for these techniques and we describe them briefly.

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Asghar, U. , Malik, M. , Anwar, F. , Javed, A. and Raza, A. (2015) DNA Extraction from Insects by Using Different Techniques: A Review. Advances in Entomology, 3, 132-138. doi: 10.4236/ae.2015.34016.

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