Using Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Analysis on Vibration of a Piezoelectric Micro Pump

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Due to the rise of biological and MEMS technology in recent years, some micro flow system components have drawn attention and been developed by many investigators. The importance of micro-pumps manufactured is higher than the other part of micro flow system since it is the power source of the entire micro-flow system and responsible for driving working fluid in the microfluidic system. In actual operation, the instability and bad dynamic characteristics of the micro-pump will cause larger fluid flow mobility error, such as transport behavior and response procedures failure, etc., and even damage the microfluidic system. Therefore, to investigate the stability and dynamic characteristics of a micro pump is necessary. The Finite element analysis (FEA), ANSYS Workbench, is employed to analyze the dynamic characteristics of this micro pump, and experiment is also considered in this study.

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Huang, B. , Tseng, J. , Chang, C. and Li, C. (2015) Using Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Analysis on Vibration of a Piezoelectric Micro Pump. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 3, 1038-1043. doi: 10.4236/jamp.2015.38128.

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