Spectroscopic Investigation of the Complex Formation of Niobium Using 2,6-Dithiolphenol and Aminophenols


A new, simple, precise, selective and sensitive method for the extraction and spectrophotometric determination of niobium has been described. Mixed-ligand complexes of Niobium (V) with 2,6-dithiolphenol (DTP) and aminophenols (AP) have been studied by spectrophotometry. Extraction of mixed-ligand complexes is maximal at pH 3.6 - 5.0. The optimal conditions for the formation and extraction of mixed-ligand compounds have been found. The molar ratio of the reacting species was 1:2:2 (Nb:DTP:AP). The Beer’s law was applicable in the range of 0.05 - 4.0 μg/ml. The method is free from common interferences. A procedure has been developed for extraction-spectrophotometric determination of Niobium in steel.

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Kuliyev, K. and Verdizadeh, N. (2015) Spectroscopic Investigation of the Complex Formation of Niobium Using 2,6-Dithiolphenol and Aminophenols. American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 6, 746-756. doi: 10.4236/ajac.2015.69071.

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