Radium and Uranium Concentrations Measurements in Vegetables Samples of Iraq


In the present study twenty-two vegetable samples were collected from Iraqi market. Sealed can technique using CR-39 plastic track detector strippable has been used in order to measure radium and uranium concentrations. Etching was done with 6.25 N NaOH and optical microscope was used with the purpose of counting of alpha particle tracks. The values of effective radium content are found to range from 0.074 Bq/ kg to 0.566 Bq/ kg with the mean value of 0.317 Bq/kg. The values of uranium concentrations are found to range from 0.081 ppm to 0.615 ppm with the mean value of 0.345 ppm. Positive correlation has been observed between radium concentration and uranium concentrations in vegetable samples. Measurements of radium and uranium concentrations in vegetables are important from the health protection point of view, so simple and reliable analytical methods must be available.

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Hashim, A. and Najam, L. (2015) Radium and Uranium Concentrations Measurements in Vegetables Samples of Iraq. Detection, 3, 21-28. doi: 10.4236/detection.2015.34004.

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