A Study on the Evolution of Mechanism of Infectious Disease Analysis Model of Event Using Micro-Blog Platform


After the occurrence of unexpected group events of network, the relevant opinion information will spread rapidly through micro-blog, and the negative public opinion information will aggravate the unexpected the group events to upgrade and expand the scope of harm. It is difficult to deal. So public opinion control is very important. In this paper, we establish an influence model for spreading of public opinion based on SIR model. Through the political analysis, this paper finds that the network group events will subside, but the influence scope, time and ability of event cannot be ignored. As a result of this study, the corresponding strategies are put forward in this paper.

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Ma, H. (2015) A Study on the Evolution of Mechanism of Infectious Disease Analysis Model of Event Using Micro-Blog Platform. Social Networking, 4, 96-102. doi: 10.4236/sn.2015.43011.

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