Isolated Triquetrum Fractures: The Importance of Proper Roentgenograms in Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain


Triquetrum fractures are the second most common carpal fractures after scaphoid. However they are seldom encountered due to their clinical symptoms and since they cause less functional disability. They can be misdiagnosed as soft-tissue injuries by considering the similar localization of pain and prolonged symptoms. The majority of triquetrum fractures can be diagnosed with direct X-ray. Obtaining three plane (anterior-posterior, lateral and oblique) X-rays is especially important in diagnosing dorsal chip fractures. Accurate diagnosis provides both controlling the symptoms with adequate immobilization, sufficient information of the patient in the acute period and preventing unnecessary diagnostic work up in the subacute period because of prolonged discomfort. In our study, fifteen patients with isolated triquetrum fractures admitted within six year period were presented with their clinical, radiological features and treatment outcomes.

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Ozdemir, G. , Ucar, B. , Cerci, M. , Yilmaz, B. and Basarir, K. (2015) Isolated Triquetrum Fractures: The Importance of Proper Roentgenograms in Ulnar Sided Wrist Pain. Open Journal of Orthopedics, 5, 186-188. doi: 10.4236/ojo.2015.57025.

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