A Study on Problems of Shepherds and Solution Suggestions: Sample of Erzurum Ispir-Kirik District Villages

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In this study, it was aimed to determine problems of shepherds in villages of Erzurum-Ispir, Kirik District and develop solution suggestions in parallel to these problems. According to this aim, it was also included within the aims of study to determine problems based on shepherding of families who make a living on livestock in the region. The main material of study was composed of data obtained from surveys and interviews carried out in villages with village headman, farmers and shepherds. Study visits were completed within 3 months according to time planning made considering locations of villages at Ispir-Erzurum highways. Apart from these data, domestic and foreign literature reviews about the subject and information obtained from related agency and institutions formed the infrastructure of study. In the study it was determined that economic and social problems of shepherds in the region were significant and the most important problem was absence of legal description about themselves and their occupation. Moreover as a result of study it was also determined that there is a serious difficulty in shepherd procurement in the region which influences animal holdings in the regions negatively and as a result farmers either direct towards monotype livestock, decrease the number of animals or immigrate from villages. In this regional study which is carried out about problems of shepherds and solution suggestions, it was empha-sized that problems of shepherds should be solved within agricultural policies adopted throughout country and labor law, and it is important to determine regional problems and develop regional solution suggestions according to these solution suggestions.

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Güreşci, E. and Balkan, A. (2015) A Study on Problems of Shepherds and Solution Suggestions: Sample of Erzurum Ispir-Kirik District Villages. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 3, 234-246. doi: 10.4236/jss.2015.37036.

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