Analytic Solution for Fluid Flow over an Exponentially Stretching Porous Sheet with Surface Heat Flux in Porous Medium by Means of Homotopy Analysis Method


In this paper, the analytical solution of a viscous and incompressible fluid towards an exponentially stretching porous sheet with surface heat flux in porous medium, for the boundary layer and heat transfer flow, is presented. The equations of continuity, momentum and the energy are transformed into non-linear ordinary differential by using similarity transformation. The solutions of these highly non-linear ordinary differential equations are found analytically by means of Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM). The result obtained by HAM is compared with numerical results presented in the literature. The accuracy of the HAM is indicated by close agreement of the two sets of results. By this method, an expression is obtained which is admissible for all values of effective parameters. This method has the ability to control the convergence of the solution.

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Ali, A. , Zaman, H. , Abidin, M. and Shah, S. (2015) Analytic Solution for Fluid Flow over an Exponentially Stretching Porous Sheet with Surface Heat Flux in Porous Medium by Means of Homotopy Analysis Method. American Journal of Computational Mathematics, 5, 224-238. doi: 10.4236/ajcm.2015.52019.

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