Mathematical Model for the Injector of a Common Rail Fuel-Injection System


The paper describes a Diesel fuel injection process. Computer simulation was carried out together with measurement of the Common Rail accumulator fuel-injection system. The computer simulation enables the observation of the phenomena from rail pressure, being the input data for injection parameters calculations, to the injection rate. By means of computer simulation, the pressure values in specific sections of the injection nozzle may be computed, the needle lift, injection rate, total injected fuel, time lag from injector current to first evidence of injection process and other time-lags between various phases of the injection process. The injection rate provides input data for spray computer simulation. Measurements of injection and combustion were carried out within a transparent research engine. This engine is a single-cylinder transparent engine based on the AUDI V6 engine, equipped with a Bosch Common Rail Injection System. The comparison between the computed and measured injection parameters showed good matching.

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Marčič, S. , Marčič, M. and Praunseis, Z. (2015) Mathematical Model for the Injector of a Common Rail Fuel-Injection System. Engineering, 7, 307-321. doi: 10.4236/eng.2015.76027.

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