Kimura’s Disease: A Case Report and Literature Review


Kimura’s disease, common pathology in the East, responsible of chronic neck swelling is rarely reported in sub-Saharan Africa. We reported a case which was observed in the internal medicine department of Aristide Le Dantec hospital in Dakar. This was a young 15-year-old, with no particular disease history, who had recurrent non-inflammatory swelling next to the left zygomatic bone associated with itching. Biology revealed an inflammatory syndrom, eosinophilia and increased serum IgE. The histological examination of the mass biopsy concluded to Kimura disease. The corticosteroid has reduced the size of the mass within a few weeks of treatment. Kimura’s disease is unknown in our regions. His painless character and chronic evolution delay the time of diagnosis. This case proves the reality of this disease, which must find a place in the diagnosis approach of cervical swelling.

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Faye, A. , Sakho, N. , Mbengue, A. , Ndiaye, F. , Fall, S. , Djiba, B. , Kane, B. , Ndongo, S. and Pouye, A. (2015) Kimura’s Disease: A Case Report and Literature Review. Open Journal of Internal Medicine, 5, 11-14. doi: 10.4236/ojim.2015.52003.

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