Impact of Modification Made in Re-UCP on Software Effort Estimation


This research work evaluates the performance of Re-UCP model and compares the results with the UCP and e-UCP method of software effort estimation. In this research work, an attempt has been made to highlight the accuracy of results by using MRE (Magnitude of Relative Error), MMRE (Mean Magnitude Relative Error), MdMRE (Median of Magnitude Relative Error) tools to check the error rate and PRED (20) and PRED (10) method to find out the predictability of accuracy of Re-UCP software effort estimation method. The observations made from the results are based on the comparison of Re-UCP, e-UCP and UCP models of software effort estimation.

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Kirmani, M. and Wahid, A. (2015) Impact of Modification Made in Re-UCP on Software Effort Estimation. Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 8, 276-289. doi: 10.4236/jsea.2015.86028.

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