Rhinoplasty for Saddle Nose with Sarcoidosis


Background: Cases of acquired saddle nose have been reported; however, reports of sarcoidosis with acquired saddle nose are very rare. The main cause of sarcoidosis is estimated to be an abnormal immune reaction rather than infection. Aim: Rhinoplasty using an autologous rib was planned and performed without plate fixation. Case Presentation: Our patient was diagnosed with sarcoidosis at the age of 25 years. She developed nasal congestion and rhinitis at the age of 42 years. Her nose began to show the saddle nose deformity at the age of 43 years. A rhinoplasty using an autologous rib was performed without plate fixation. Conclusion: After the operation, her nose maintained a favorable shape without sarcoidosis worsening. This use of rhinoplasty for treating saddle nose possibly prevents the worsening of sarcoidosis.

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Yazawa, M. , Nagashima, H. , Suzuki, K. and Kishi, K. (2015) Rhinoplasty for Saddle Nose with Sarcoidosis. Surgical Science, 6, 227-231. doi: 10.4236/ss.2015.66035.

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