Thermodynamics of Efflux Process of Liquids and Gases


The main objective of this work is to obtain the calculated ratio of efflux processes for liquids, vapors, gases on the basis of the developed mathematical model, which allows to determine the characteristics of the channel profiles nozzles and diffusers, to solve a number of subsequent applications for analysis modes. On the basis of the calculated ratios are equations of the first law of thermodynamics for the flow of liquids and gases. The obtained calculated ratios are extended for the case of the efflux of compressible liquids, vapors and gases and as a special case, for incompressible liquids. The characteristics of the critical efflux regime liquids, which allows to determine the linear and the mass efflux rate of the critical regime and the calculated characteristics of the channel profiles nozzles and diffusers, Laval nozzles for different modes of operation are obtained.

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Mikaelian, E. and Mouhammad, S. (2015) Thermodynamics of Efflux Process of Liquids and Gases. Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 3, 71-74. doi: 10.4236/jpee.2015.35006.

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