The Method of Flotation Froth Image Segmentation Based on Threshold Level Set


A novel flotation froth image segmentation based on threshold level set method is put forward in view of the problem of over-segmentation and under-segmentation which occurs when the existing method segmented the flotation froth images. Firstly, the proposed method adopts histogram equalization to improve the contrast of the image, and then chooses the upper threshold and lower threshold from grey value of histogram of the image equalization, and complete image segmentation using the level set method. In this paper, the model which integrates edge with region level set model is utilized, and the speed energy term is introduced to segment the target. Experimental results show that the proposed method has better segmentation results and higher segmentation efficiency on the images with under-segmentation and incorrect segmentation, and it is meaningful for ore dressing industrial.

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Zhao, J. , Wang, H. , Zhang, L. and Wang, C. (2015) The Method of Flotation Froth Image Segmentation Based on Threshold Level Set. Advances in Molecular Imaging, 5, 38-48. doi: 10.4236/ami.2015.52004.

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