Capital Market and Enterprise Core Competitiveness Interaction Mechanism—Based on the Case of Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


Since the establishment of China’s capital market, it has been imperfect. Many listed companies misappropriating the capital market, and some of them want to expand the size through the capital market. It seems that enhance corporate value is impossible, too. However, companies want bigger and stronger cannot do without a strong leverage of the capital market, and enterprises to enhance their value can be counterproductive in the capital markets, improve the efficiency of capital markets. This paper analyzes Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, and the relationship between its financing and value growth in the Chinese capital market, research results exist mutually reinforcing mechanisms between capital market efficiency and core competitiveness of enterprises.

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Zou, B. (2015) Capital Market and Enterprise Core Competitiveness Interaction Mechanism—Based on the Case of Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Modern Economy, 6, 465-472. doi: 10.4236/me.2015.64044.

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