Brown Tumor of the Maxilla Revealing Primary Hyperparathyroidism


Brown tumor or localized form of osteitis fibrosa cystic is a focal lesion complicating hyperpara-thyroidism. It’s rarely revelatory of the clinical feature and corresponds to a mass with partly cystic and partly solid areas. A 65-year-old man, followed up for hypertension, complained of a progressive swelling in the left paranasal part of the face lasting for 3 months. Physical examination revealed a left paranasal swelling of 4 cm diameter, with a healthy looking skin. CT facial bones found a round formation of 2 cm involving the left maxilla. He received tumor resection by vestibular pathway. Histological examination showed many giant cells. We then discussed the brown tumor diagnosis. The PTH dosage was high: 645 pg/mL (normal: 15 - 68 pg/mL). The serum calcium was in the superior normal limit (100 mg/dL). Cervical ultrasound revealed a bottom left parathyroid nodule. A lower left parathyroidectomy was performed. Histological results confirmed parathyroid adenoma. Monitoring was marked by a marked decrease of the PTH serum level then a return to normal values, a normocalcemia and no recurrence of the maxillary tumor with Recoil of 14 months. Brown tumor of the maxilla is rare and should be considered even in absence of hypercalcemia.

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Mahfoudhi, M. , Khamassi, K. , Battikh, A. , Lahiani, R. , Sami, T. and Salah, M. (2015) Brown Tumor of the Maxilla Revealing Primary Hyperparathyroidism. International Journal of Clinical Medicine, 6, 252-256. doi: 10.4236/ijcm.2015.64031.

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