Artificial Intelligence for Speech Recognition Based on Neural Networks


Speech recognition or speech to text includes capturing and digitizing the sound waves, transformation of basic linguistic units or phonemes, constructing words from phonemes and contextually analyzing the words to ensure the correct spelling of words that sounds the same. Approach: Studying the possibility of designing a software system using one of the techniques of artificial intelligence applications neuron networks where this system is able to distinguish the sound signals and neural networks of irregular users. Fixed weights are trained on those forms first and then the system gives the output match for each of these formats and high speed. The proposed neural network study is based on solutions of speech recognition tasks, detecting signals using angular modulation and detection of modulated techniques.

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Smadi, T. , Al Issa, H. , Trad, E. and Smadi, K. (2015) Artificial Intelligence for Speech Recognition Based on Neural Networks. Journal of Signal and Information Processing, 6, 66-72. doi: 10.4236/jsip.2015.62006.

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