Hydroxy- and Aminoethyl Imidazolines of Cottonseed Oil Fatty Acids as Additives for Diesel Fuels


In the research, aminoethyl imidazolines of cottonseed oil fatty acids with diethylenetriamine have been synthesized using the ultrasonic device creating the effect of cavitation. The yield of imidazolines was 90% - 95%. The influence of the synthesized imidazolines on lubricity quality of low sulfur diesel fuels having low lubricating quality was studied. The results showed that at concentrations 200 - 250 ppm the synthesized imidazolines can be applied as additives enhancing lubricity quality of diesel fuels.

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Abbasov, V. , Mammadova, T. , Veliyev, K. and Kasamanli, K. (2015) Hydroxy- and Aminoethyl Imidazolines of Cottonseed Oil Fatty Acids as Additives for Diesel Fuels. Open Journal of Synthesis Theory and Applications, 4, 33-39. doi: 10.4236/ojsta.2015.42004.

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