Research Based on the Theory of Value Chain to Governance and Upgrade of Local Tourism Industry Cluster


Tourism Industry Cluster can adjust the structure of the tourism industry to achieve coordinated development of tourism in the development of the tourism industry. The cultivation of tourism industrial cluster is an effective regional tourism development strategy and effective way to improve the competitiveness of the regional tourism economy. The literature of governance and upgrading of tourism industry cluster is less. This study based on the value chain theory to explore the governance mechanism and countermeasures of local tourism industry cluster. This research used value chain management analysis framework of Kolinsky and Morris (2000) and put forward the supervision system of government legislation, internal governance and industry association in the value chain. This paper researches the local tourism industry cluster from three aspects of business, government and industry associations.

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Wen, J. and Hou, P. (2015) Research Based on the Theory of Value Chain to Governance and Upgrade of Local Tourism Industry Cluster. iBusiness, 7, 58-64. doi: 10.4236/ib.2015.71007.

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