Low-Cost Sensors Calibration for Monitoring Air Quality in the Federal District—Brazil


Critical situations that cannot be solved by conventional approaches (traditional air quality monitoring networks), have the possibility of being managed quickly by a wide network of portable systems with sensors. The purpose of this research was to calibrate and validate low-cost sensors. Pilot indoor and outdoor areas, in the central area of Brasilia (Brazil’s capital city) were chosen for corporative performance evaluation of the sensors. The CO at 99.999% volumetric injection method has been used in a gas test box, among two MiCS-5521 (CO/VOC) sensors, one being new and the other one with a short useful life. The number of injections adopted to each volume (from 1 ml to 6 ml) was 10, rising each sensor’s confidence interval mean. A increase of the injected volume (ml) of CO resulted in significant decrease in a resistance (Ohms), as shown by a good inverse relationship on the interaction of these two variables (r = 0.88), with good measurement accuracy, when compared to the manufacturer’s reference datasheet. Finally, a geospatial management system was built for the pollution data measured by the low-cost sensors.

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Aguiar, E. , Roig, H. , Mancini, L. and Carvalho, E. (2015) Low-Cost Sensors Calibration for Monitoring Air Quality in the Federal District—Brazil. Journal of Environmental Protection, 6, 173-189. doi: 10.4236/jep.2015.62019.

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