Local Electromagnetic Fields Exhibit Temporally Non-Linear, East-West Oriented 1 - 5 nT Diminishments within a Toroid: Empirical Measurement and Quantitative Solutions Indicating a Potential Mechanism for Excess Correlation


States of excess correlation have previously been achieved at macroscopic levels by simultaneously exposing two non-local spaces to weak electromagnetic field patterns, generated by toroids, presented in a sequence such that the angular velocity of the field is modulated by changes in frequency over time. Here we systematically investigated effects upon the local space at the center of a single toroid generating the excess correlation sequence. The results indicated that a 1 - 5 nT diminishment in field intensity on the Y- or east-west axis was characteristic of the excess correlation sequence which was not indicated for control conditions. Statistically significant shifts in field intensity approximately 40 to 60 s before the onset of the first field associated with the excess correlation sequence indicated a temporally non-linear effect which converged upon the ratio of g and the rotational velocity of the Earth for the local space where Coriolis-like forces were inferred. Intensity shifts associated with the excess correlation sequence but not controls were quantitatively convergent upon parameters of the hydrogen line (1.42 GHz). Implications for these findings were discussed in relation to Mach’s principle and, in particular, to the electron as a physical unit which was found to relate classical and quantum systems.

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Rouleau, N. and Persinger, M. (2015) Local Electromagnetic Fields Exhibit Temporally Non-Linear, East-West Oriented 1 - 5 nT Diminishments within a Toroid: Empirical Measurement and Quantitative Solutions Indicating a Potential Mechanism for Excess Correlation. Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications, 7, 19-30. doi: 10.4236/jemaa.2015.72003.

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