Perspectives about Living and Aging for the Manager of a Familiar Company


In this study, we seek to reveal the perspectives, motivations and challenges of the managers of familiar company regarding succession. The sample consisted of six participants chosen by convenience and divided into two groups: entrepreneur managers with successors and without successors. The data analysis is the analysis of the participants’ narratives. The results indicate that there are differences in the process of perceiving aging by the managers with and without successors. The entrance of the descendants in the management of the company transforms the activities of the patriarchs. The choice of getting away from the professional activities and passing the “baton” to the successor is related to becoming ill. Management problems interfere in the subject’s life that cannot see leisure possibilities. It was observed that living and aging to these subjects is associated to maintaining the quality in family ties.

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Mattjie, M. , Pasqualotti, A. & Amaro, F. (2015). Perspectives about Living and Aging for the Manager of a Familiar Company. Psychology, 6, 168-176. doi: 10.4236/psych.2015.62016.

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