A New Stiffness Matrix for a 2D-Beam Element with a Transverse Opening


Transverse opening in a beam has a reducing effect of the beam stiffness which will cause a significant increase in beam deflection in the region on the opening. In this paper, a new stiffness matrix for a beam element with transverse opening including the effect of shear deformation has been derived. The strain energy principle is used in the derivation process of the stiffness matrix and the fixed-end force vector for the case of a concentrated or a uniformly distributed load is also derived. The accuracy of the obtained results based on the derived stiffness matrix is examined through comparison with that of the finite element method using Abaqus package and a previous study which show a good agreement with high accuracy.

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Qissab, M. (2015) A New Stiffness Matrix for a 2D-Beam Element with a Transverse Opening. Open Journal of Civil Engineering, 5, 17-28. doi: 10.4236/ojce.2015.51003.

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