(E)-2-Benzylidenecycloalkanones XII.* Kinetic Measurement of Bovine and Human Serum Albumine Interaction with Selected Chalcones and Their Cyclic Chalcone Analogues by UV Spectrophotometry


UV-VIS spectroscopic investigations of interaction of bovine and human serum albumin with selected chalcones (1) and their cyclic chalcone analogues: (E)-2-(4’-X-benzylidene-1-tetralones (3), benzosuberones (4) with dimethylamino and methoxy substituents and (E)-2-(2’,4’-dimethox- ybenzylidene)-1-indanone (2) were performed in polar respiration medium. Absorption maxima of the tested compounds were investigated in the presence of bovine and human serum albumin at the 0, 10, 30 and 60 minute timepoints of the interaction. The absorbance of all studied compounds in the presence of proteins decreased after one hour of the reaction. Molecule 4a showed the strongest and fastest kinet initial interaction with both albumins.

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Veliká, B. , Tomečková, V. , Fodor, K. , Kron, I. and Perjési, P. (2015) (E)-2-Benzylidenecycloalkanones XII.* Kinetic Measurement of Bovine and Human Serum Albumine Interaction with Selected Chalcones and Their Cyclic Chalcone Analogues by UV Spectrophotometry. Spectral Analysis Review, 3, 1-8. doi: 10.4236/sar.2015.31001.

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