Maintained Exposure to Spring Water but Not Double Distilled Water in Darkness and Thixotropic Conditions to Weak (~1 µT) Temporally Patterned Magnetic Fields Shift Photon Spectroscopic Wavelengths: Effects of Different Shielding Materials


Spring water but not double-distilled water was exposed, in darkness, to a temporally patterned weak magnetic field that has been shown to affect planarian behavior and slow the rate of cancer cell proliferation. Exposure to the magnetic field caused a reliable shift in the peak (longer) wave-length of ~10 nm for fluorescence emissions and a ~20% increase (~100 counts) in fluorescence intensity. Spectral analyses verified a shift of 5 and 10 nm, equivalent to ~1.5 × 10-20 J “periodicity” across the measured wavelengths, which could reflect a change in the an intrinsic energy as predicted by Del Giudice and Preparata and could correspond to two lengths of O-H bonds. Wrapping the water sample containers during exposure with copper foil, aluminum foil, or plastic altered these fluorescent profiles. The most conspicuous effect was the elimination of a ~280 nm peak in the UV-VIS emission spectra only for samples wrapped with copper foil but not aluminum or plastic. These results suggest that weak magnetic fields produce alterations in the water-ionic complexes sufficient to be reliably measured by spectrophotometry. Because the effect was most pronounced when the spring water was exposed in darkness and was not disturbed the role of thixotropic phenomena and Del Giudice entrapment of magnetic fields within coherent domains of Pollack virtual exclusion zones (EZ) may have set the conditions for subsequent release of the energy as photons.

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Murugan, N. , Karbowski, L. , Lafrenie, R. and Persinger, M. (2015) Maintained Exposure to Spring Water but Not Double Distilled Water in Darkness and Thixotropic Conditions to Weak (~1 µT) Temporally Patterned Magnetic Fields Shift Photon Spectroscopic Wavelengths: Effects of Different Shielding Materials. Journal of Biophysical Chemistry, 6, 14-28. doi: 10.4236/jbpc.2015.61002.

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