Plasma-Based Graphene Functionalization in Glow Discharge


Glow discharge was utilized to add oxygen functional groups to the graphene platelets sample produced in chemical exfoliation synthesis. It was concluded based on Raman spectra that the graphene sample treated with the glow discharge preserves specific graphene features while no transformation to amorphous carbon is happening. SEM and EDS results indicated the increases of oxygen content in the graphene sample after the exposure to the glow discharge. Raman spectra also support the fact that the graphene platelets have been decorated with oxygen as the result of the glow discharge treatment.

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Fang, X. , Donahue, J. , Shashurin, A. and Keidar, M. (2015) Plasma-Based Graphene Functionalization in Glow Discharge. Graphene, 4, 1-6. doi: 10.4236/graphene.2015.41001.

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